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When great minds collide, we quickly understand where you are and where you want to go. Our 5 step process ensures that we can help right away through our marketing & innovation strategies.

1. Understand 

We are committed to understanding the values of your company. We don't just hit the ground running. We will focus on understanding the foundation of where we are right now and research where we want to go - together. This ensures your brand stand-out in the market.

Scrabble pieces spelling out "Who Are You"

2. Plan 

This is where we bring our Cor talents (see what we did there). Building an experience that spans marketing channels with a strong focus on sensory marketing is essential to success. We will dream up how your target audience will experience marketing campaigns in an omnichannel approach. In the end, we will have crafted your brand’s experience that will be unlike anything else.

Pensive Freelancer

3. Deliver

Visions require action, and without it, you're just dreaming. It's our job to start bringing this plan to life. Our teams will begin driving toward the concepts we have created with a systematic approach. These deliverables will span the customized approach that your brand needs. We create for all five senses across every platform, from digital-to-physical to make sure your audience experiences exactly the right message.

Video Editing

4.  Validate

Away we go! After launch, we review the plan to ensure our messaging and direction are aligned with your vision. We value connecting, every month, to review our assets that are impacting our target audience. Maybe things have shifted in the market and it's time to pivot, (PIVOT...PIVOTTT). We are here to talk with you and make the changes. Our validation goes well beyond your normal KPIs, and we are here to make sure we raise the bar every week!

Pie chart and line graphs

5. Optimize

​​Ahhhhh, PUSH IT! We are here to look at the successes and put our foot on the gas. We value the time to take a deep breath and review as a team; the big wins and the small, future strategy and optimizations to make for future growth. We love reviewing and making predictions on where we, as a team, think our next move should be. 

Reviewing a powerpoint
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