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Revolutionizing Automotive Excellence: Fifth & Cor's Social Media Triumph for Automotive Group

Case Study

Increase in Instagram Engagements

Increase in Instagram Impressions

Embarking on a social media conquest, Fifth & Cor orchestrated a comprehensive omnichannel strategy for Automotive Group, propelling their Instagram profile to new heights in the first 60 days. The outcome is a testament to our prowess in enhancing social media landscapes.


Instagram Overview


Fifth & Cor's strategy boosted Automotive Group's Instagram, showcasing the following:

  •   7,270% increase in engagement

  •   524% surge in impressions


Engagement Highlights


The engagement achieved during the specified period for Automotive Group's Instagram profile is nothing short of extraordinary. The engagement rate per impression witnessed a significant increase of +7,270.6%, highlighting the resonance of our content with the audience. Additionally, the total impressions soared to 40,836, representing a variation of +524.1%


To achieve these impressive numbers, our strategy focused on creating diverse and compelling content, fostering community engagement, and maintaining a consistent posting schedule. These metrics, coupled with our commitment to community management and content variety, reflect the unparalleled success of our Instagram strategy for Automotive Group.




Fifth & Cor's adept integration of Instagram strategies has once again proven its efficacy in elevating the social media presence of Automotive Group. The remarkable growth in followers, engagement, and brand awareness underscores the experts in marketing and innovation’s proficiency in crafting impactful and resonant content across diverse platforms. This success further solidifies Fifth & Cor's standing as a leader in the realm of social media marketing.

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