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How Fifth & Cor expanded brand awareness & foot traffic for a newly opened restaurant

Case Study

Taking Orders

Growing a New Restaurant to a Hometown Favorite

A newly opened restaurant made the decision to partner with Fifth & Cor with the intent to grow brand awareness and increase sales. As the industry is ever-changing, Fifth & Cor quickly stepped in to grow this hometown favorite. 

Fifth & Cor was able to customize and deliver a marketing roadmap focused on social media that expanded brand awareness, generated foot traffic, and increased conversions while enhancing social listening for calculated market share growth.

Digital Activation & Social Listening
Fifth & Cor executed continuous digital activation initiatives and leveraged audiences through micro-targeting and geo-tagging. 

  • Sparked interaction

  • Increased ordering options such as UberEats and Yelp

  • Formed long-term emotional connections with target consumers

Fifth & Cor acquired consumer feedback from target consumers through enhanced social listening. Newly Opened Restaurant was able to cut through traditional advertising and reinforce its position in the market. 

41% increase in Orders

in the first 30 days

50% increase in Reservations

in the first 30 days

From Physical to Digital

When the restaurant was hit with restaurant closures during the pandemic, this did not slow Fifth & Cor’s team down. The team handled this crisis by limiting their menu items and offering contactless curbside pickup, carryout, and delivery services. In addition to updating necessary content, the Fifth & Cor team leveraged social media marketing and tactics to increase sales.

Impacting Acquisition Through Content
Fifth & Cor developed a creative social media strategy to guide content curation with the goal of driving engagement and enticing target consumers with a variety of menu options, specials, deals, and more.

Contests & Collaborations
Fifth & Cor leveraged local food and lifestyle influencers along with giveaways to increase awareness and overall social media presence. This resulted in:

  • Increased organic reach

  • Follower growth

  • Boosted engagement

  • Marketing collateral


Cultivating Community
Fifth & Cor was able to leverage Live Streaming services on Instagram and Facebook to: 

  • Provide viewers with cooking demonstrations.

  • Allow followers to participate in Virtual Happy Hours.

  • Host interactive Q&A sessions with members of the restaurant's team.

1,030% increase in Website Visits

403% increase in Followers

1.5K Views on Facebook Live Stream

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