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Elevating Social Media Presence for Plastic Surgery Group

Case Study

Increase in Facebook Video Views

Increase in Instagram Engagements

Comprehensive Social Media Triumph by Fifth & Cor

In the period of 90 days, Fifth & Cor executed an impactful social media strategy, significantly enhancing the online presence of a distinguished plastic surgery group across Facebook and Instagram. The results showcase remarkable growth, heightened engagement, and a refined content approach.


Facebook Milestones

The Facebook page of the plastic surgery group surged under Fifth & Cor's influence:

  •   4625% increase in engagement (1,134 interactions).

  •   Impressions increased by 1,103%, totaling 47,568

  •   Video content led to a 10,286.3% increase in views, totaling 10,594


Instagram Achievements

Fifth & Cor's guidance boosted the plastic surgery group's Instagram profile:

  •   1,855% increase in audience engagement (2,913 interactions)

  •   306% surge in impressions, totaling an impressive 124,343


Strategic Content Deployment


Fifth & Cor's content strategy spearheaded a remarkable growth trajectory, with a monumental 5,900% surge in Facebook posts and an astounding 13,825% uptick in Instagram posts. Integral to these achievements were strategic initiatives that activated engagement and expanded reach. An onsite content shoot recorded compelling moments within the office, capturing providers performing transformative treatments, which resonated deeply with our audience. 


Additionally, proactive engagement with partners across social platforms, including tagging device accounts, product suppliers, and provider's personal accounts, exponentially amplified our content's visibility and traction. Furthermore, the implementation of clear Calls to Action (CTAs) on all posts, highlighting specials and incentives, proved instrumental in driving traffic to the website and boosting phone inquiries, thereby fueling Fifth & Cor's success.


Community Interaction Excellence


Fifth & Cor's dedication to community management was evident in a 2,000% increase in Facebook replies and a 1,383% increase in Instagram replies.



Fifth & Cor's integrated approach to Facebook and Instagram has undeniably elevated the social media presence of the plastic surgery group. The substantial growth in impressions, engagement, and reach attests to the experts in marketing and innovation’s expertise in crafting a cohesive strategy that resonates across diverse platforms, contributing to the sustained success of the client's social media initiatives.

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