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Fifth & Cor

We work with numerous brands within the hospitality sector to craft strategic narratives and innovative marketing solutions to enable lasting, loyal connections with their target audiences. 

Increasing Engagement & Loyalty for a West Coast- Based Boutique Hotel

A West Coast-based hotel sought to expand its reach and build a loyal guest community through social media, enlisting the expertise of Fifth & Cor to create and execute an effective strategy.

- Results -

+ 2,688% increase in Instagram story interactions

+ 867% increase in Instagram Reel Interactions

+ 26,225 Total Audience on Instagram

... in 30 days

Discover how Fifth & Cor played a pivotal role in helping this company achieve these remarkable results.

Elevating Spa's Excellence: Fifth & Cor's Transformational PR Journey

A Luxury Spa with aspirations of expanding its customer base and forging partnerships with prominent hotels aimed to revamp its Public Relations strategy and enhance its visibility within the highly competitive market.

- Results -

Connected with 50+ profound, industry-relevant journalists, editors and influencers

Feature on one well-established podcast

Discover how Fifth & Cor played a pivotal role in helping this company achieve these remarkable results.

How Fifth & Cor Expanded Brand Awareness and Foot Traffic for a Newly Opened Restaurant

A newly opened restaurant had the intent to grow its brand awareness and increase sales.

+ 41% increase in Orders

+ 50% increase in Reservations

+ 1030% increase in Website Visits

+ 403% increase in Followers

+ 1.5k Views on Facebook Live Stream

... in 30 days

- Results -

Discover how Fifth & Cor played a pivotal role in helping this company achieve these remarkable results.

Our Services

Strategic Oversight for a Downtown Hotspot

Fifth & Cor offers a range of services that transcend conventional marketing strategies. Leveraging our extensive experience in the hospitality industry, which extends to owning and operating multiple restaurants, we've taken on the role of strategic overseers for a well-established, centrally located restaurant.

Our involvement encompassed:

  1. Food Pricing & Menu Curation: We optimized food pricing and meticulously curated the menu to enhance profitability and customer satisfaction.

  2. Location Assessment: We conducted a comprehensive evaluation to ensure the ideal location for the restaurant's success.

  3. Executive Chef Recruitment: We spearheaded the search for an exceptional executive chef to elevate the culinary experience.

  4. Food & Beverage Partner Selection: We identified and partnered with key suppliers in the food and beverage industry to ensure the highest quality ingredients and beverages.

  5. Workforce Standard Operating Procedures: Our team established and implemented efficient standard operating procedures to streamline workforce management.

  6. Technology Integration: We selected and seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance operations and customer experience.

  7. Interior Decoration Rebranding: We undertook a transformational rebranding of the restaurant's interior decoration to create a captivating and inviting ambiance.

Fifth & Cor's holistic approach ensures that we go beyond the ordinary, providing comprehensive support to elevate your restaurant's success.

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