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5 Reasons Your Brand Needs to Start Investing in Product Copy

Read this overview to discover five ways product copy can build your brand.

When companies don't invest in good product copy that helps to differentiate them from their competitors, they are missing out on huge returns. Don't let your company fall into this trap too. Now is the time to start investing in great product copy that not only differentiates your brand from others but helps to tell how your product will solve a problem and benefit the lives of your consumers.

Read on to learn more about the importance of good product copy and to discover five ways that product copy can help to build your brand.

1. Build Authority

One of the best places to share knowledge about the product is when describing the product on the sales page. This is a chance to write about all the ins and outs of the product and build authority about the topic with consumers. Product copy that is just a bland description sends the message that there is not enough knowledge about the products to sell them.

Before digital marketing, the job of the salesperson was to impress their customers with their knowledge about the product they were selling and to show the customer why they needed that specific product. Digital marketers need to have the same thoughts in mind when writing their product copy by sharing the product knowledge and the way the product will improve that customer's life.

2. Increase Traffic

Showing creativity when doing product copy will bring more customers to the page. It is important to find ways to stand out from the competition. This is a chance to show creativity and uniqueness and stand out from everyone else's product content.

3. Brand Awareness

Marketing that has stood the test of time and is remembered for years is often associated with a phrase, song, or movement that drew people into the advertisement. Likewise, writing great product content through these same types of strategies can build brand awareness in the digital marketing world. These are the types of product copy techniques that will build brand awareness and make consumers choose that specific product.

4. Increase Engagement

Consider videos and graphics that can draw the consumer in by making them laugh, cry, imagine or want to sing along. Telling a story about the product can increase engagement and help the consumer to imagine the product in their home or in their hands.

Another strategy to increase engagement is to show the consumer how they are going to use the product to solve a problem or to make their life easier in general. Ultimately, these are the types of product copy techniques that will increase engagement and make consumers choose that specific product, and this is what content marketing is all about.

5. Improve Conversion Rate

While creative and detailed product copy is essential to marketing, more may be required to close the deal. Improving conversions can be accomplished through good customer product reviews and through great calls to action. Customers want to know that the product was able to make other customers happy or meet their needs before they spend their hard-earned money on the product being offered.

So, including good, detailed product reviews are essential to improving conversion rates. However, the call to action or showing the customer how to proceed by purchasing the item and being on their way to solving their problem or benefiting their life in some way is the best way to improve conversions. Helping the customers picture in their minds how this product will improve their lives and then walking them through how to make that happen will make good product copy into great product copy.

How Fifth and Cor Can Help

If you have been having trouble creating the kind of product copy that will draw customers in, then you need to connect with Fifth and Cor today. The team at Fifth and Cor consists of dedicated marketing and innovation professionals that can help transform your business through innovative marketing strategies.

Are you ready to discover how Fifth and Cor can help elevate your brand? If so, contact the team today to learn how we can help you start reaching your goals today.


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