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Meta's New Twitter-Like App, Project 92, and What You Need to Know About it

Twitter remains a  popular social media platform because it gives users an easy way to share updates. Market research shows that the platform had an estimated 368 million active users.

But Meta’s Project 92 might give Twitter a run for the money in the social sphere, as it sets out to provide creators with a safer, more reliable, and more user-friendly experience. We look at the main features of Project 92, how it compares with Twitter, and what users can expect in the coming times. 

Latest in a Lineup of Twitter Challengers

Various Twitter competitors have emerged since its leadership change in October 2022, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk took over the helm and initiated significant changes in the company’s practices, including replacing its prestigious invite-only verification with a subscription-based model called Twitter Blue. 

These Twitter challengers include Mastodon, a self-hosted microblogging social platform that runs on the ActivePub software (the same program that drives Meta’s Project 92). Mastodon gives users up to three publication timelines so creators have greater control over content visibility. 

Similarly, former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, started developing the Bluesky platform that operates with an interface parallel to Twitter’s structure. Project Bluesky aims to decentralize social media network protocols, empowering creators with the freedom to practice their own content generation guidelines. 

What Creators Need to Know About The Rise of Project 92 

Project 92, also known as Barcelona, is Meta’s codenamed challenger to the popular Twitter platform. Meta began coding for Project 92 in January. Meta bases the core concept of Project 92 on Twitter's interface and could provide users with a seamless process of giving Instagram users access to the new services. Meta Chief Product Officer Chris Cox shared that celebrities, including the Dalai Lama and Oprah, have shown interest in endorsing the platform, aimed at creating content via a stable environment suitable for expanding audiences with peace of mind.   

Leaked images from an internal Meta meeting reveal that Project 92 has features similar to those of Twitter. These notable elements include like and reshare buttons, user verification symbols, and messaging options. Meta's leaked images also display five tabs within the page, potentially listing elements such as home/search, create, likes, and profile. 

What Does the Future Holds For Social Media Users?

As user policies and expectations continue to evolve across the social sphere, it is important to stay updated on the latest movements. While Twitter remains a powerful online tool, with industry reports showing an ROI 40% higher than other channels, it could prove strategic for your brand to keep social media communication options open for the long term. 

The trending movements toward decentralized social media protocols could redefine user engagement and privacy practices. While Twitter still serves as a popular marketing channel under the parent company X Corp, challengers like Project 92 are poised to strike and capitalize on any future Twitter backlash at any given moment.     

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