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Navigating the Dark Side of Social Media Marketing

More than half of the planet uses social media. Unless you have been offline since the 1990s, you are probably aware that social media marketing is now a critical marketing tool for brands. These days, social media marketing has become an integral part of the different marketing stages, including creating brand awareness, community management, campaign management, product launches, etc.

However, there is a dark side to working as a social media marketer. Having to wear various hats, comprehend analytics, and be at the brand's front line requires excellent time-management, analytical, and project planning skills.

Social media marketers handle different roles, which include, but are not limited to, copywriting, campaign management, graphic design, paid advertising, and influencer management, etc. Other than that, they also need to keep up with the updates and changes on social media platforms. Despite all these demands, social media marketing plays a critical role in digital marketing, community management, promoting the publicity of a brand, and, ultimately, its growth.

Community Management on Social Media

People often confuse community management with social media management. But, each of them plays a unique role in the success of the overall digital marketing strategy. Social media management is primarily focused on brand representation and promotion on social media.

Community management, on the other hand, includes all the efforts to interact with and develop a brand's online community. These efforts include responding to comments, direct messages, and community conversations to maximize the brand's visibility. It also includes addressing customers' needs and concerns.

Social Media Is Not a 9-5

Unfortunately, social media does not sleep at all. Even after you close your offices, your audience will continue interacting with your brand online. Community managers must continue engaging their customers and be on the lookout for any complaints or concerns. With social media marketing, you can proactively engage your audiences at any time.

Social media marketing also gives you the chance to monitor conversations that mention your brand outside your brand's social circle. They could offer invaluable insights on how everyone (non-followers included) feels and thinks of your brand. Social media marketers allow you to do this around the clock, giving you the upper hand in creating awareness and connecting with your customers.

Publicity Stunts

Brands plan publicity stunts, which creates a chance to engage people outside your brand's online audience. Publicity stunts are a great way to promote a brand's public relations campaign and advertising efforts. Social media marketers can carry out publicity stunts through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest to get people talking about your brand and create more awareness.

Public stunts are always successful in pulling new crowds. Still, it doesn't always end up in pomp for brands that choose inappropriate public stunts. At times, stunts may go wrong and spark online criticism against your brand. To the social media marketer, the questions remain — how do you get the public's attention? Which stunt can you promote to attract tens of thousands, if not millions? How do you hop into the trending topics? Remember to never rip off the other stunts already on social media: If it's been shared before, it will not be shared as much and can make your brand look tacky.

Humanizing the Brand

Companies always want to show a human element of their brand, but most can't achieve this without the help of social media marketers. They help brands get personal with their audience. This can be done through personalized and timely communication with your audience. Humans connect best to other humans, and if they do not trust you, they will probably not be looking to do business with you. Demonstrating that a brand is more than just a money-making machine is pivotal to your brand's survival.

Social media marketers have different ways of humanizing a brand in their digital marketing efforts. Some of the most common and efficient techniques include:

  • Hiring a community manager to handle online communities, manage user-generated content, and run local events.

  • Showing off your company culture

  • Copywriting relatable and personal blogs

  • Involving a brand's employees and long-time customers in brand promotion efforts on social media

The Frontlines of Your Brand

The old rule of business still applies to this day—the customer is always right! Social media community managers handle customer service inquiries via comments or direct messages. Marketers and support consultants have to deal with difficult and angry customers very often. However, all customer issues need to be resolved in the most professional way possible. Social media marketers safeguard the brand's image by dealing directly with the audiences and creating a friendly online environment.

Social Media marketers are the key to your brand's online presence. The customers reach out to them first to ask a question or raise complaints. Almost half of humanity is on the internet, and most spend their time on social media channels. Ultimately, this unravels immense digital marketing opportunities for brands with quality social media marketers.

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