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The Inside Scoop on LinkedIn's New Tools for Creators

Updated: May 2

LinkedIn App

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform known for constantly reinventing itself with innovative user tools. As a brand owner, you might find yourself surrounded by new and improved ways to promote your business on LinkedIn to a broader audience through intuitive methods.

We highlight some of the latest creator tools released by LinkedIn, specifically for empowering creators toward reaching and engaging their target audience. The initiative celebrates the platform's rising popularity as a creator tool, where 5.5 million users activated creator mode in 2021, alongside an estimated 30% increase in content engagement.

New and Improved Creator Analytics

LinkedIn's updated version of its creator analytics provides users with a detailed categorization of engagement statistics to help you understand your target audience to provide optimized brand experiences.

Also, LinkedIn's update provides insightful post analytics where you can track the audience's response after publishing a LinkedIn post. While these always existed within the platform, the update sheds more details on user metrics. The upgraded post analytics offers a systematic breakdown of data for easier filtering and reference, with engagement metrics based on industry, location, company size, and job role.

For example, you will have a clear overview of the impressions acquired from each post, highlighting the engagement levels that you sort by demographics for a more systematic analysis of your ongoing creator efforts. Analyze user engagements by categories such as comments, reactions, and shares to gain a comprehensive understanding of your ongoing social campaigns.

Seamless Subscriber Updates and Interactions

Before the patch update, your audiences had to scroll down their feed or click the notifications button to keep up with your latest LinkedIn posts. The latest creator update removes the hassle with an intuitive subscribe bell notification button next to your profile, where audiences can click to receive instant alerts when you upload a new post.

The improved content alert feature keeps your audience constantly informed of your LinkedIn content so they can stay engaged while you build a stronger connection with your target crowd. With the new update, you can have a bird's eye view of your weekly impressions without having to sieve through the deep pages of your Linkedin profile.

Leave a Stronger Impression with Profile Videos

LinkedIn profile videos remain a powerful feature among marketers and brands by displaying a human and empathetic touch.

The latest creator update takes profile videos to the next level with a few added features. For example, displaying the number of views for your video and profile video ring integrated with search and feeds where audiences can conveniently access your profile, driving improved engagement.

Dynamic profile videos offer audiences a realistic engagement with your brand. You can communicate with your audience seamlessly through the new and improved video features as easy and intuitive as presenting a product demonstration in person. The build-up gives you the convenience of scoring a winning impression so you can follow up with a well-positioned digital media strategy.

More Dynamic LinkedIn Newsletters

Newsletters provide you with an effective means of informing audiences and customers about the latest updates on your brand and company offerings. The social platform's newsletter tool exceeds expectations within the creator community, as proven by over 600% increase in LinkedIn newsletter publications.

The latest LinkedIn creator update provides you with integration for highlighting your latest newsletter within the featured segment of your LinkedIn profile. Audiences can conveniently view the latest publication and subscribe to your mailing list without fuss.

Getting Started

As a refresher, you will need to turn on creator mode within your LinkedIn account to start accessing the intuitive features listed above. With LinkedIn creator mode entering its second year in service, you can expect more interesting tools and features in the upcoming years as more brands and customers turn to the platform for professional opportunities.

Using LinkedIn creator mode gives you a powerful springboard for starting quality conversations with your most valuable audience and extending the outreach of your branding campaigns.

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