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Why a Marketing Message is Key in Digital Marketing

Most businesses are aware of the importance of following a digital marketing strategy. However, many forget to consider creating a marketing message. A strategy should incorporate a business’ target audience, their needs, desires, and interests. A strategy outlines the type of content a business will create and share with its audience. The key component that can make this successful is a consistent marketing message.

Marketing Plan

What Does “Marketing Message” mean?

A marketing message is essentially a phrase that a business can use to resonate with its audience. This phrase can be used in various content and copy and serves to be both memorable and influential. A marketing message can encourage a customer to choose a business over its competitors, so it’s important to get it right.

A good marketing message will be crafted carefully, to appeal to the target audience. It should address their “pain points” and present the brand as the solution to these in just a few words.

Understanding Messaging

In digital marketing, “messaging” refers to the act of a brand communicating important information to customers to influence their buying decisions. Messaging means more than just providing information about a product or service. Instead, it’s about deeper information such as the brand’s identity, its vision and mission, and the values it holds. It showcases the brand’s personality, ideas, and beliefs and can encourage a customer to choose the brand over its competitors.

Creating a Marketing Message

A business cannot create a marketing message without knowing its target audience. Market research should be performed before creating a message to understand exactly “who” the message is targeting.

Once the brand has a greater understanding of its target audience, it will be able to identify “pain points.” Pain points are a problem or challenge that a customer has that affects their life in some way. For a business to create a strong marketing message, they will provide a solution to these pain points and encourage the customer to choose them over other available options.

Pain points can lead to the next step in the strategy, which is to explain why the customer should choose the brand over others. The next challenge is to craft the marketing message in an easy-to-read phrase that says a lot in very few words. To do this, it’s best to get straight to the point. This means creating a message that will tell the customer that the brand has the solution to their problem without them having to dig around for information.

Using language that is clear, concise, and conversational usually works best. Even if the business is in a specialist industry, they should assume that the customer understands the product or service. Using technical language or jargon can make the message lose its power.

A good marketing message will convince the customer that it makes sense to choose the product or brand over others. This is where using logical reasoning can be a good tactic. Additionally, a message that provokes emotions in a reader can also be effective.

Want to Take the Next Steps?

A marketing message is an excellent way for a brand to connect with its customers and sell its product or service. There are several ways to create a strong marketing message and strategy, and some people can find this very difficult. Fifth & Cor offers workshops that can help your brand discover your key marketing message. Contact us today!

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