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A Business Discovered on Pinterest


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Home Improvement

From Idea Discovery to Project Action

Due to their Pinterest activity, Retailer saw website referrals grow. Naturally, their metrics on Pinterest itself had grown tremendously, boosting traffic to their profile, boards, and pins.

Home Improvement Retailer has over 35 years of experience in sourcing home improvement products and helping people love where they live with guidance at every stage of the home improvement process. 

With combined knowledge and experience, they noticed there’s something missing when it comes to shopping for your home online. Information is vague or hard to find, certain stores only provide certain products, and interior design tools are templatized. That’s where Home Improvement Retailer comes in, creating a better way for you to shop for your home improvement project online, from start to finish. 

ROI Focused Approach 

For the retailer's first step into Pinterest, Fifth & Cor acted on a tailored strategy that guided people to the specific product groups they’d need to turn their home improvement visions into reality.

The strategy included repurposing assets from pre-existing brand creatives and utilizing top home keywords, terms, and other interests shared among home improvement Pinners.

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