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Automotive Retailer Drums up New Users & Conversions on Pinterest


Marketing Solutions



From Pin to Conversion

Automotive Retailer had a simple objective:  Boost product awareness & increase purchase intent and ultimately diversify their revenue streams in the long haul.

Video Pins were the centerpiece of Automotive Retailers' Pinterest push to boost engagement and awareness.

First step? Whip up some eye-catching creative. Dazzling creatives can make Pinterest a super-effective platform for launching a new product and achieving high rates of engagement.

Fifth & Cor acted on a tailored strategy that guided users to the specific product groups they’d need to turn their dream car into a reality. Automotive retailer reached Pinners by regularly adding content—ensuring the newest and best Pins were discovered. The team frequently updated more than 20 boards featuring product elements and benefits. A visual consistency with Pins allowed the retailer to expand awareness and advocacy in a manner that actively reflected their overall brand messaging and visual identity. 

Pinterest Verified Merchant

In order to make it even easier for people to discover and buy their products, Fifth & Cor initiated Automotive Retailer into the Verified Merchant Program. This allowed Automotive Retailer to get all of its products onto Pinterest quickly and easily through a dynamic data feed ingestion. Fifth & Cor launched Shopping campaigns targeted to search, knowing direct response ads would reach people looking to purchase.

Taking a phased approach to ad spend, campaign objectives and targeting helped Automotive Retailer scale while simultaneously lowering their cost per acquisition. 

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