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Changing Retail Shoe Brand’s Meta Footprint


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Changing a Brand's Meta Footprint

Fifth & Cor took over the Retail Shoe Brand’s Instagram page and quickly got to work. By creating a new Instagram visual brand strategy, Fifth & Cor integrated user-generated content, shoppable social commerce, and reputation management to drive substantial gains within the social ecosystem. 

Within the first 30 days, the number of Instagram followers increased by 36%, and impressions increased by 570% over the same time period. 

Within the first 90 days, conversions increased by 220%.

Honing in on Targeted Audiences 

Fifth & Cor ensured that the Retail Shoe Brand was more than just active on Facebook. Once Fifth & Cor took over Retail Shoe Brand’s Facebook page, each photo reached an average of almost 10,000 people. 

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