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Elevating Visibility: Fifth & Cor's PR Triumph


Public Relations



From Obscurity to the Headlines

Fifth & Cor collaborated with a non-profit veteran organization seeking an influential presence in the media landscape. Faced with the challenge of securing impactful press coverage, Fifth & Cor embarked on a strategic public relations journey with the goal of increasing brand visibility across top-tier platforms. 


Strategic Deployment: Fifth & Cor's PR Expertise 

Fifth & Cor crafted a strong PR strategy, conducting thorough research and tailoring a compelling narrative for the client's industry. The team strategically timed press outreach to align with industry trends and client milestones, leveraging strong relationships with key media contacts for maximum impact.


Press Pickup Extravaganza: 34 Hits in 30 Days

The implementation of Fifth & Cor's PR strategy yielded unprecedented results for the client.

  • Prominent Publications:

    • The client secured press coverage in 34 publications within just 30 days, including prestigious platforms such as Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Business Insider.

  • Brand Recognition Soars:

    • The client experienced a substantial increase in brand recognition, with their name prominently featured in the headlines of articles in major publications.


  • Credibility Boost:

    • By appearing in reputable publications, the client's credibility and authority in the market were significantly enhanced.

How Fifth & Cor Turned Strategy into Headlines

This PR success story is a testament to Fifth & Cor’s expertise in navigating the complex landscape of media relations. By understanding the client's narrative, identifying strategic opportunities, and leveraging strong relationships, Fifth & Cor not only secured 34 press pickups in a short span but also elevated their client's status as an industry leader. 

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