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From Connection to Commitment: Increasing Consumer Engagement and Customer Loyalty For An All-Natural CBD Brand


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From Obscurity to Engagement

All-natural CBD Brand is dedicated to providing natural remedies and wellness solutions to individuals. With the goal of becoming a leading wellness brand in the CBD industry, they encountered a major hurdle in distinguishing themselves from competitors in the highly competitive market. To address this challenge, they sought the assistance of Fifth & Cor, renowned for their expertise in crafting effective marketing strategies. By collaborating with Fifth & Cor, the brand aimed to develop a strategic marketing plan that would effectively reach and engage their target audiences.

Employing A Holistic Strategy

Within a month, Fifth & Cor had implemented a marketing strategy that positioned CBD Brand as an authority in the wellness space. By targeting millennial mothers and gourmet recipe connoisseurs, we achieved remarkable results, including over 1,000 interactions on Instagram, 29,000 impressions across major social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn), and an astounding 999% increase in the brand’s total audience on Pinterest.

Engaging Millennial Mothers

CBD Brand faced challenges in effectively engaging a niche market of millennial mothers who were actively seeking natural wellness solutions for themselves and their families before teaming up with Fifth & Cor. To address this, the team devised a comprehensive content marketing strategy that involved crafting informative blog posts, developing engaging social media content, and collaborating with influential mom bloggers. Through these efforts, they were able to successfully connect with the target audience by delivering valuable educational content and showcasing the brand's authenticity.

The brand's marketing manager expressed their satisfaction with Fifth & Cor's ability to comprehend the target audience and create compelling content that strongly resonated with their target audience. The partnership resulted in a significant increase in engagement levels on Instagram and garnered positive feedback from customers.

Reaching Gourmet Recipe Connoisseurs

To attract gourmet recipe enthusiasts, Fifth & Cor highlighted CBD Brand's all-natural products as high-quality ingredients that could enhance their culinary creations. Fifth & Cor collaborated with renowned food bloggers and chefs to develop unique CBD-infused recipes and shared them on social media. This approach generated interest among the target group and showcased the brand’s versatility and creativity.

Expanding Audience on Pinterest

Pinterest presented a remarkable avenue for CBD Brand to exhibit its products and captivate users with visually mesmerizing content. Fifth & Cor astutely recognized the immense potential of this platform and diligently undertook the task of optimizing the brand's profile, crafting visually alluring pins, and strategically infusing pertinent keywords to bolster discoverability.


Harnessing the power of visual search, the brand experienced an extraordinary surge, witnessing an astounding growth of 999% in reach within an incredibly short span of 30 days. This exceptional accomplishment stands as a testament to the impeccable execution of Fifth & Cor's visionary strategies and the brand's unwavering dedication to harnessing the captivating visual allure and search capabilities offered by Pinterest.

Let’s Do the Same for Your Brand


Fifth & Cor played a pivotal role in establishing CBD Brand as a trusted authority in the wellness industry. Through our team's strategic efforts, they witnessed a remarkable surge in Instagram engagement, amplified social media impressions, and a substantial expansion of the brand's audience on Pinterest. With our expertise, we have effectively converted the brand's target audience into devoted customers, and we are confident in our ability to do the same for you.

If you aspire to attain similar outcomes and cultivate heightened engagement and customer loyalty for your brand, look no further than Fifth & Cor. Our team of seasoned professionals is adept at crafting customized marketing strategies tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your business thrives within the ever-evolving digital landscape. Don't hesitate to reach out to us today.

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