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How an Omnichannel Strategy Elevated Food Distribution Company's Business


Marketing Solutions



Enhancing Social Commerce Presence

Food Distribution Company is an East Coast brand that provides handpicked, high-quality meat from select farmers. 

Food Distribution Company made the decision to partner with the team at Fifth & Cor to help diversify their social media presence to attract new customers, increase engagement, and expand brand awareness while enhancing social listening for calculated market share. 

In 60 days, Fifth & Cor introduced engaging social content that grew their platform following, created brand awareness and recognition, and generated an infinite increase in web traffic and conversions. 

Enhancing a Brands Instagram Footprint

Fifth & Cor created a strategy that integrated user-generated content, paid social advertising, and reputation management while targeting competitor brands and actively engaging with their followers. 

Influencer Partnership

Fifth & Cor started partnering with home chefs and bbq enthusiasts to gain brand visibility, increase engagement and enhance brand values.  Expanding Channels

Leveraging Pinterest for SEO & Brand Awareness

When Food Distribution Company signed with Fifth & Cor they did not have a Pinterest page, but Pinterest quickly became a great way to increase brand awareness and SEO. With this in mind, Fifth & Cor created and aligned boards more closely to their products, packages, and recipes. 

Honing in on Facebook Targeted Audiences

Fifth & Cor created a strategy for Food Distributors Facebook page, which included creating quality posts to increase engagement and reach even while decreasing the total number of posts. The strategy was so successful that: 

  • Total Post Reach increased 55.51%

  • Total Post Engagement increased 54.85%

  • Total Page Views increased 6,568.75%


Brand Voice Amplified on Twitter

Fifth & Cor also developed a strategy for Food Distribution company’s Twitter page, which included creating quality posts to promote engagement.

  • Increased impressions by 17,212.28%

  • Increased profile visits by 262.9%

  • Increased mentions by 105.88%

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