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How Authentic Photography Encouraged User-Generated Content and Transformed Customers into an Engaged Community of Brand Advocates


Marketing Solutions



Putting Marketing Back in the Hands of Consumers

Retail Shoe Company is a Boca Raton, FL-based company that designs and manufactures slip-resistant footwear.

Retail Shoe Company partnered with the team at Fifth & Cor to help boost their social media presence and foster a community of brand advocates alongside engagement and conversions. Fifth & Cor approached these challenges with a multi-pronged strategy. 

Our social media mix included:

  • Capturing lifestyle images and visuals to authentically tell a story

  • Encouraging UGC with various incentivizing initiatives

  • Expanding audiences through the launch of a Brand Ambassador Program

  • Leveraging UGC assets across all media channels

Loyal advocates paved the way for Retail Shoe Company’s Brand Ambassador Program. The Fifth & Cor team launched a tiered Brand Ambassador Program driving enriched dynamic content to the home page and PDP pages to increase time on page, overall interactions, and conversion rate.

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