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How Fifth & Cor Connected Curiosity to Commerce Through Social Media Strategies


Marketing Solutions



Phase I: Attracting Meat Lovers

Food Distribution Company is an East Coast B2C brand that provides handpicked, high-quality meats from select farmers with nationwide distribution. Food Distribution Company partnered with Fifth & Cor to find new online customers and entice them to purchase, as well as increase brand awareness across newly introduced social channels.

Fifth & Cor’s first focus was to build the marketing funnel by launching an aggressive prospecting campaign to drive quality traffic. This strategy was implemented by telling the brand’s story through effective, yet creative copywriting and identifying its corresponding audience. This phase was targeted nationwide to reach new users that aligned with the brand’s positioning. 

By researching audience affinities and developing new personas that met the brand’s guidelines, Fifth & Cor was able to reach both unique and qualified prospect customers at a low cost per click. The overall goal was to increase product discovery and traffic to site.

The Food Distribution Company saw an immediate lift in brand recall, reach and traffic to site. 

Phase II: Encourage Online Sales

Once the Food Distribution Company determined an interested audience from their prospecting efforts, Fifth & Cor implemented a strategy to bridge the gap between browsing and buying through granular audience selection, the continued use of rich visual shopping experiences, and relevant copywriting.

Honing In On Audiences 

Narrowing and refining the targeting strategy started by honing in on niche markets to increase revenue. Fifth & Cor was able to identify a highly engaged audience by utilizing a Facebook pixel & Conversion API to retarget people who demonstrated a higher intent to purchase.

Moving From Awareness to Purchase

Bridging the gap between browsing and buying doesn’t stop once an interested audience is determined. The other key factor is knowing how to speak to your audience as they move through the phases of the marketing funnel. Fifth & Cor developed creative and copy specific to each audience and their position through the shopping journey to purchase decisions.

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