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How Fifth & Cor Introduced a Lead Generation Campaign to a Soil & Water Testing Company


Marketing Solutions



Capturing New Leads

Water and Soil company is a brand that offers at-home soil and water testing kits and is a global expert leader in material testing. The Fifth & Cor team implemented a go-to-market strategy that included a lead generation campaign as a foundational component. The goal of the campaign was prospecting future customers and capturing their emails to build a subscriber list of engaged users highly anticipating launch day. These 'leads' were pivotal in creating an email marketing strategy and blueprint ready for use on launch day and beyond.  

Diversifying The Message

Using a series of A/B tests, Fifth & Cor was able to create and optimize a new lead generation campaign using a data-backed combination of copy & creative paired for success.

Within the first 45 days, Soil & Water Testing company saw an immediate increase in new leads, link clicks to the website and impressions. Leads that came from the paid campaign allowed for additional demographic learnings, which were then applied to the rest of the paid and organic strategy. 

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