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How the Fifth & Cor Team Reached an Untapped Market by Taking a Plastic Surgery Practice to YouTube


Marketing Solutions


Aesthetic Medicine

Fifth & Cor collaborated with Plastic Surgery Practice that offers specialized medical aesthetic treatments and procedures that cater to a wide range of customer needs. The partnership's goal was to grow awareness with the intention of increasing consultations. The team created a strategic digital marketing plan, which included short-form and long-form YouTube content to reach an untapped market.

The Challenge: Optimizing Video Marketing

The Plastic Surgery Practice hired Fifth & Cor's team to boost their video marketing efforts through systematic strategies aimed at:

  • Increasing unique viewership

  • Improving watch time

  • Raising brand awareness

  • Establishing authority

  • Fostering customer trust and engagement

All to result in increased conversion.

Solution and Strategy

In the first week, the Fifth & Cor team refocused Plastic Surgery Practice's marketing strategy, with a focus on video content. In addition to informative long-form video strategies, the team layered in short, engaging episodes of snackable video content that promoted a sense of authority and reliability on diverse topics in plastic surgery. These included treatment types, post-surgery care, and other informational video content.  

Increased Unique Viewership

Fifth & Cor leveraged short-form videos that attracted new audiences through engaging, relatable content. The implementation of short-form videos saw a 5394% increase in unique viewers from 91 to 5,000+ within a week. 

Greater Audience Engagement

The promotion of short, thematic YouTube videos led to an overall rise in organic viewership, with a 3896% growth in video views from 128 to 5,116 in a week. Audiences also invested more attention in each video, resulting in a 164% increase in watch time. The observed increase in watch time suggests an increased interest in the brand's video messaging and the potential for improved long-term lead generation. 

Keeping Content Relevant 

Fifth & Cor refreshed Plastic Surgery Practice's YouTube channel by keeping content relevant for viewers. The fresh video format appealed to a broader market that had previously disengaged from the brand's long-form content deliveries. Fifth & Cor positioned the surgery practice as a relatable expert in the field, raising greater awareness of its specialized offerings.

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