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Leveraging Organic Social Strategy: Marketing Company's Remarkable Growth


Marketing Solutions



From Stillness to Success: Marketing Company's Social Media Turnaround

Fifth & Cor collaborated with a Marketing Company and undertook a transformative journey in the realm of social media marketing. Faced with the challenge of expanding their online presence, Fifth & Cor sought to develop an organic social strategy that would not only increase visibility but also drive engagement across various platforms.


Marketing Company's Primary Objectives:

  • Increase overall views on their social media content.

  • Boost the total watched hours to enhance user engagement.

  • Achieve a significant number of views on YouTube.

  • Enhance engagement metrics, measured by likes and overall engagement rate.

Executing Excellence: Fifth & Cor's Strategic Implementation 

Fifth & Cor crafted a comprehensive organic social strategy focusing on creating content tailored to the interests and preferences of their client’s target audience. By employing high-quality visuals, engaging captions, and relevant hashtags, they aimed to boost discoverability. Additionally, the team adopted a platform-specific approach, tailoring content for each social media platform based on the unique demographics and behaviors of users. 


By strategically prioritizing platforms where the Marketing Company’s audience was most active, Fifth & Cor embarked on a compelling YouTube Reel Campaign. This initiative involved the development of a captivating reel that seamlessly blended informative and entertaining content. Leveraging strategic promotion techniques, the Marketing Company aimed to increase visibility and encourage sharing. Complementing these efforts, Fifth & Cor established a consistent posting schedule for their client, fostering ongoing audience engagement and creating a sense of anticipation among followers.

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