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Moving From Awareness to Purchase with Paid Ads


Paid Media



A Multi-phased Approach

Mattress Company is a US eCommerce company that offers mattresses and other sleep accessories. Seeing a hole in the market, the owner and founder launched a new and improved patent from the original waterbed. Its mattresses are made with water and memory foam for total body conformity, precise temperature control, and waveless motion. 

Putting Sales to Bed

To do so, Fifth & Cor launched a multi-phase campaign to tap into a new, never before touched digital audience while increasing sales.

To develop a new customer base, they leveraged multiple audience types alongside traffic and lead generation objectives. By kicking off with a traffic campaign, the eCommerce mattress company was able to build its funnel quickly while also collecting customer information to retarget them via email and lookalike audiences. 

Leveraging Facebook’s campaign budget optimization and auto-advanced matching features in addition to various audiences and campaign objectives allowed for the eCommerce brand to collect valuable customer data and market to those who matter most. 

Automatic advanced matching allowed for stronger attribution by picking up the information a customer gives during checkout while campaign budget optimization allowed Facebook to allocate ad dollars to the top performing audiences and ads in real-time. This strategy provided for a strong and effective campaign. 

Highlighting Value with Social Proof

Fifth & Cor worked to refresh and reinvent the perception consumers had of Mattress Companies brand. With encouragement and incentive programs, customer testimonials were obtained and tested prominently in paid marketing initiatives.


Using social proof in ads helped highlight the value of Mattress Company to a more receptive audience. 


Reaching the Right Audience

Kicking off with a strong targeting strategy is another factor that helped move the eCommerce mattress company from awareness to purchase quickly.  


By leveraging people interested in other mattress brands, health & wellness, overall wellbeing, home brands, home buyers, etc., Fifth & Cor was able to build the pixel with strong retargeting data. This kept the brand top of mind for potential customers.  

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