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Revolutionizing Engagement: The Impact of Authentic Video Content on Plastic Surgery Practice’s Audience Growth


Marketing Solutions


Aesthetic Medicine

Amplifying Online Presence and Reach 

In response to a shifting market landscape, a plastic surgery practice recognized the potential of utilizing authentic video content to drive engagement and increase visibility. The practice collaborated with Fifth & Cor in order to amplify its online presence through short, attention-grabbing content.


Strategy Implementation

The approach was centered on utilizing authentic content showcasing real stories and experiences that highlighted the practice's services. This content was quick and to the point in order to keep the attention of the viewer engaged for the full length of the post.

The strategy also involved leveraging various social media platforms to promote and amplify the reach of these user-generated videos. Specific emphasis was placed on engaging storytelling and sharing these videos across multiple channels, fostering a sense of community and trust among the audience. The tailored approach aimed to ensure that the content not only resonated with the audience but also adhered to the practice's brand values and ethics. 

Elevating Growth Through Authentic Video Content

The video content strategy yielded impressive results within a short timeframe including the videos published on YouTube garnering a remarkable 18.3K views within just 7 days. This immediate and substantial viewership served as a testament to the power of authentic lifestyle content in driving engagement and visibility for the plastic surgery practice.

Redefining Practice Excellence

The monumental surge of 18.3K views within a week on YouTube highlights the superiority of genuine, user-generated content over meticulously styled visuals. This strategy has not just impacted the practice's online presence; it has redefined industry standards, establishing the practice as an innovative leader, driven by authentic and compelling narratives. 

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