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Visual Elevation: Redefining Cookie Dough Delight’s Online Presence with Fifth & Cor's Pinterest Powerplay


Marketing Solutions | Paid Media



Revolutionizing Digital Presence Through Organic and Paid Social Strategies 

A cookie dough snack bar company collaborated with Fifth & Cor to revolutionize its digital presence. Emphasizing both organic and paid social strategies, the focus centered primarily on leveraging Pinterest. The objective was to drive visibility, engagement, and outbound clicks to augment the brand's online reach.


Augmenting Visibility and Engagement to Enhance Digital Presence 

Fifth & Cor curated a meticulous blend of organic and paid social strategies, focusing on the dynamic potential of Pinterest as the primary platform. Visually enticing content was crafted while strategically deploying paid campaigns to augment the company's visibility and engagement. 


The focus was to cultivate an immersive brand experience and entice the audience through an array of visuals, accentuating the snack bar's irresistible offerings. Each crafted campaign was tailored to align seamlessly with the preferences and behaviors of Pinterest users, aiming to evoke genuine interest and prompt high click-through rates, fostering an interactive and engaging journey for the audience.

Surge in Engagement, Clicks, and Audience Growth

The results were exceptional, reflecting the success of the strategies employed. The implementation resulted in an astronomical surge in various metrics, showcasing the effectiveness of the focused social media approach. 


Impressions skyrocketed with a staggering increase of 283,354%. Engagements saw an astounding surge of 36,271%, while outbound clicks experienced a boost of 99,500%. The total audience expanded remarkably, registering a growth of 351,819%, along with an extraordinary 171,000% increase in the engaged audience.


Redefining and Escalating Cookie Dough Bar Company's Online Presence

Fifth & Cor's collaboration with Cookie Dough Bar Company manifested an outstanding transformation in the brand's digital landscape. The exceptional surge in impressions, engagements, outbound clicks, total audience, and engaged audience highlighted the potency of strategic organic and paid social initiatives, particularly on Pinterest. This success marks a paradigm shift in the company's digital strategy, emphasizing the impact of a focused social media approach in driving unparalleled growth and audience engagement.

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