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Case Study

Amplifying Engagement through a Digital Yearbook Page Design Contest

Executive Summary

Fifth & Cor in collaboration with Digital Yearbook Company, orchestrated a highly successful giveaway contest focusing on yearbook page design, aiming to enhance brand engagement and visibility. Leveraging a well-crafted strategy, the campaign utilized Instagram and Facebook stories to promote the contest, showcasing past winners and encouraging active participation. 



  • Enhance brand engagement and visibility for Digital Yearbook Company providing on-demand digital printing of customizable school yearbooks.

  • Utilize social media platforms to promote the yearbook page design contest effectively.

Strategy Implementation

The strategy focused on creating captivating Instagram and Facebook stories to promote the yearbook page design contest. These stories were meticulously designed to captivate the audience and generate interest, showcasing previous winners to create excitement and anticipation among potential participants.

The active encouragement of participants to share their creative inputs for the yearbook page design played a pivotal role in fostering engagement. The strategy aimed to build a sense of community and participation throughout the contest duration.

Results Achieved

  • Facebook Impressions

    • The contest garnered over 170,000 impressions on Facebook.

    • Strategic promotion and engaging content amplified visibility and reach.


  • Instagram Reach

    • Reached over 4,000 accounts on Instagram.

    • Effective storytelling and contest promotion increased visibility on this platform.


  • Instagram Follower Growth

    • The contest contributed significantly to expanding the brand's follower base.

      • Digital Yearbook Company surpassed 1,000 followers on Instagram.


The management of the yearbook page design contest was highly effective in amplifying brand engagement and visibility. Through a well-structured strategy, utilizing engaging Instagram and Facebook stories, and actively encouraging participation, Digital Yearbook Company experienced substantial growth. The contest not only enhanced visibility but also significantly contributed to the surpassing of the 1,000-follower milestone on Instagram, establishing the brand as an interactive and engaging platform within its community.




Impressions on Facebook




Accounts on Instagram




Followers on Instagram

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