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Fractional Leadership| team augmentation and speaking
elevating business success through expert fractional leadership solutions

Fifth & Cor

We partner with organizations to enhance their leadership dynamics through fractional expertise.

-fractional leadership roles-

Chief Innovation Officer

Chief Marketing Officer
Chief of Strategy 

Director of Marketing 

Head of Partnerships 

Vice President of Marketing

Robin Dimon

Chief Executive Officer

Robin Dimond is the CEO and Founder of Fifth & Cor, an innovation and immersive marketing company. Dimond brings over 18 years of experience that has led to a successful team and client success stories over the years. Passionate about the human experience, Dimond strives to bring sensory experiences and the heart back into all her team’s work, thus comes the name - Fifth (five senses) & Cor (Latin for heart).


Dimond strives to not only transform brands, but also communities. She sits on the Broward College School Board, participates in various charities, and finds opportunities to empower the next generation through technology and marketing advancement. Dimond is also involved in the technology advancement in south Florida through NSU’s Levan Center of Innovation and is a member of the Female Founder Collective where she finds opportunities to uplift other women-owned businesses.

Rob Petrosino

Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer

With over 15 years of experience in digital transformation, Rob Petrosino leads the Emerging Tech & Innovation teams, a digital consultancy that helps businesses achieve their peak performance. He is responsible for ideating, defining, and documenting strategies for emerging technology and innovation projects for clients within the digital space, as well as exploring and exploiting new technology opportunities for joint ventures.

Rob Petrosino is a strategic visionary and a technological expert who leverages his skills and knowledge in emerging fields such as spatial computing, digital twins, generative AI, and machine learning to create and deliver cutting-edge solutions that propel the company's market position and facilitate sustainable growth. He is passionate about instilling innovation in established businesses and is well-regarded for his insights on cutting-edge technology and all things digital. He also serves as a speaker and a thought leader in the spatial computing and AI industry, and as a board member of the VRARA Miami Chapter.

Fractional Leadership Process

  1. Initial Onsite Engagement and Stakeholder Assessment: Our first step entails convening with your team to gain profound insights into key stakeholders, pinpoint areas for transformation, and gauge the readiness to embrace change. 

  2. Strategic Market Analysis and Planning: Our seasoned team will embark on a journey of strategic ideation aimed at swiftly deployable initiatives that yield substantial value. We will meticulously study market dynamics and adapt best practices to steer towards triumph. 

  3. Progressive Implementation and Agile Roadmapping: Collaboratively,  we will initiate pivotal transformations spanning marketing, technology, and change management domains. We favor a pragmatic approach, prioritizing small changes within 90-day cycles to facilitate swift validation, rather than building protracted 5 year roadmaps. This ensures adaptability and continuous improvement at the heart of our strategy. 

Public and Private Speaking

Event Experience Team

At Fifth and Cor, we pride ourselves on transforming your emerging ideas into captivating event realities. Our diverse portfolio showcases our unwavering commitment to creative conceptualization tailored to echo your brand's ethos. Our end-to-end service model ensures a seamless journey from idea genesis to meticulous execution, embodying a blend of modern technology integration and innovative engagement strategies. With a penchant for crafting bespoke experiences, our seasoned team thrives on customization and flexibility, adapting swiftly to your unique demands or last-minute alterations, ensuring your event resonates with your objectives.


Sustainability is at the core of our operations, and we are dedicated to orchestrating eco-friendly events without compromising on the grandeur. Our robust vendor relationships, rooted in mutual respect and a shared vision for quality, facilitate smooth operations and competitive pricing. Post-event analysis is an integral part of our service offering, providing insightful metrics to measure the event's ROI and garner invaluable feedback for future endeavors. With an array of industry recognitions and a plethora of glowing testimonials, Fifth & Cor is synonymous with unparalleled professionalism and exemplary event management from inception to applause. Our adept budget management ensures transparent pricing structures, delivering exceptional value at every step of your event journey with us.

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