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Connecting people through digital experiences

What We Do


We believe in building relationships. We want to get to know you,
your goals, your vision, and help you create and execute a strategy for success.

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Marketing Workshop

Fifth & Cor’s marketing workshop is an opportunity for your business to level up its marketing efforts. We’ll walk you through creating a plan for leveraging and strategizing those efforts step by step. In this workshop, our team will lead your team through a thorough deep dive where we will come together to figure out the most optimal and efficient way to carry out your brand's goals, both immediate and long-term. Additionally, we will go through every step of the marketing process with you from start to finish, sparing no details.

Marketing Workshop
Social Commerce
Social Commerce 

Everyone wants to know what’s new, what’s next, and how their brands are responding. We turn your audience into loyal brand advocates by giving them
the information they crave. Our team is experienced in engaging the right audience, through strategy, storytelling, content creation, community engagement, influencer marketing, and social media advertising. We cultivate meaningful relationships between your brand and your customers to increase awareness and create fanatically customer-centric experiences.

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When it comes to your brand, copy is everything. Our team of editors, writers, and proofreaders possess the skills to create content that will uplift your brand image throughout all channels. With our experience in creating copy for websites, social media posts, communications pieces, blogs, e-books, product descriptions, landing pages, one-sheets, etc., no challenge is too big or too small.

Influencer & Ambassador Program Agreement
Influencer & Ambassador Program Management 

A successful Influencer Project Manager has a black belt in brainstorming and impromptu ideation - taking those clever ideas and turning them into exciting, customer-facing content that serves as the driving force behind sales. Our team will find and nurture every stage of your influencer programs. No, we are not focused on celebrities only. We find real people with real engagement potential while talking about your products and services.

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Paid Media
Web Design
Paid Media

We provide a wide range of paid media services. We understand, define, create, and reach the right audience at the right time using multi-media channels and full-funnel marketing strategies throughout the customer journey. We partner with leading advertising platforms, follow the trends and thrive through innovation. We deliver a performance-based media mix that drives business performance

Public Relations
Public Relations

Our team is dedicated to crafting your story for the world. Through thoughtful research and analysis, innovative storytelling, sophisticated pitching process, and effective online presence, we work with our clients to develop a PR strategy that will promote their brand ― whether it is for an individual or company.

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Branding styles

We believe that transformative design can change the trajectory of a brand and we set out to work with our clients every step of the way. Serving as an extension of your team, we are deeply committed to meeting your individual needs through discerning research, strategic insights, innovative thinking, commanding creativity, efficient execution, clear communication, and thoughtful attention to detail.

Experiential Marketing

At its "Cor," experiential marketing is all about immersing consumers in live experiences. Experiential marketing is a strategy that engages consumers using branded experiences. The idea is to create a memorable impact on the consumer. One that will inspire them to share with their friends both online and off. These experiences could include an event, a part of an event, or a pop-up activation not tied to any event.

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Photography Light
Photography & Videography 

Create authentic, meaningful connections between your brand and its audience by telling your story with high-quality photos and videos. We use storytelling, top-of-the-line production equipment, and high-quality post-production to create content that inspires connection and starts conversations.

"If everyone is moving forward together,
then success takes care of itself" - Henry Ford

Our Partners

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