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Stretched Out Slime

Amplifying Social Media Engagement: A Month of Astounding Growth for a Toy Brand

Case Study

3.7 Million

Pinterest Impressions


on Facebook


Toy Brand sought to amplify its social media impact across Facebook and Pinterest, aiming to increase reach, brand awareness, engagement, and audience interaction within a month. 


Fifth & Cor implemented a tailored social media strategy focused on optimizing content and maximizing audience engagement on Facebook and Pinterest. 


  • Total People Reached: 177,490 (+18%): Fifth & Cor’s targeted approach led to an 18% increase in the number of people reached, expanding the toy brand’s Facebook audience
    Total Post Engagement: 15,794 (+28%): A 28% increase in post engagements highlighted the effectiveness of content strategies in driving audience interaction and interest. 


  • Total impressions: 3.67 million (+54%): optimized pins increased impressions by 54%, significantly enhancing brand visibility on Pinterest. 

  • Total Audience: 838,570 (+25%): A 25% growth in audience reach highlighted Fifth & Cor's ability to expand the client's presence to a broader demographic.

  • Engagements: 299,400 (+48%): Engagement metrics surged by 48%, indicating heightened interest and interaction with the client's content.

Through strategic collaboration and innovative content strategies, Fifth & Cor successfully enhanced Toy Brand's social media presence across Facebook and Pinterest. The significant increases in reach, engagements, and audience interaction highlight Fifth & Cor's expertise in driving impactful digital strategies that resonate with audiences and deliver measurable results. These results demonstrate our commitment to elevating brand visibility and engagement in competitive markets through tailored social media solutions.

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