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Growing the eCommerce presence of a CPG Snack brand 

Case Study

peanut butter

A Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Company is a clean-food company

that makes protein-rich snack bars. These bars are made with organic and

plant-based ingredients.  Overall, these snack bars are handcrafted, gluten-free, plant-based, dairy-free, soy free, and non-GMO. 

CPG Company noticed little to no digital marketing growth and had zero paid ads prior to partnering with Fifth & Cor. Their ultimate goal was to grow their eCommerce presence as a majority of their business was retained through B2B retailers with smaller margins E.g. WholeFoods, CrossFits, Health Supermarkets, etc.

Our First 30 Days

The Fifth & Cor team curated and deployed organic content, shipped influencer product, took on the reigns of email marketing, began the implementation of paid media as well as launched CPG Companies' first paid ads.

Granola bar


increase in conversion rate

Peanut Butter


Increase in Total Sales

Granola Bars


Increase in Average Order Value

Our First 60 Days

Paid media launched a prospecting campaign and saw a...

4.62 ROAS with 18 purchases &

52 add-to-carts

Our First 90 Days

CPG Company saw a... 

7% increase in returning customers


Paid media is going strong as well as continuous organic content. CPG Company has seen a 4.39 ROAS with 69 purchases and 309 add-to-carts. With the increase in overall social presence and paid media initiatives, CPG Company has seen a 104% increase in social sessions and a 208% increase in search sessions. They additionally saw a 257% increase in total sales! 

Granola bars


increase in Overall Site Sessions

peanut butter


Increase in Total Orders

Granola Bars


Increase in returning customers

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