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How Fifth & Cor's Website Transformation Drove an Immediate Increase in Website Traffic

Case Study

Increase in Website Sessions

Increase in Unique Visitors to Website

Sculpting Online Presence

Photography company engaged Fifth & Cor to enhance its online presence through the creation, design, and implementation of a website. The goal was to enhance the user experience, boost site engagement, foster meaningful interactions, and elevate the overall brand aesthetics to achieve a more luxurious and high-end feel.

A Comprehensive Plan

Fifth & Cor initiated a comprehensive overhaul of the photography company's online presence by crafting a visually appealing and user-friendly website. The design aimed to showcase the excellence of the photography services and provide seamless navigation for potential clients. Through collaborative efforts, the website was tailored to reflect the professionalism and quality synonymous with the photography company's brand.

Outcomes and Impact

Within a week of the website launch, the impact on site engagement was remarkable:

  • 115,300% Increase in Site Sessions: The website witnessed a substantial surge in user activity, with site sessions soaring to an impressive 1,154. This signifies an extraordinary increase of 115,300%, showcasing a heightened level of interest and interaction compared to the pre-transformation period. Users are spending more time exploring the photography company's offerings and navigating through the enhanced website features.

  • 82,700% Increase in Unique Visitors: The revamped website attracted 828 unique visitors within the first week, illustrating an outstanding surge of 82,700%. This metric emphasizes the broadened reach and increased visibility of the photography company's online platform. The substantial growth in unique visitors indicates a significant expansion of the audience base, suggesting that the website transformation has successfully captured the attention of a diverse and larger audience.


The resounding success of the photography company's renovated website, spearheaded by Fifth & Cor, is a testament to the transformative power of strategic digital solutions. The exponential increase in site sessions, unique visitors, and engagement metrics reflects Photography Company's enhanced online presence that resonates with consumers. The impact of the website transformation positions Photography Company as a leader in the top-tier headshots service, showcasing professionalism and quality that captivates and engages its target audience.

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