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Case Study

3 golden rings

Luxury Jewelry Brand specializes in transforming discarded materials into trendy, eye-catching jewelry. Known for incorporating unconventional items into everyday fashion, their mission focuses on sustainability and sophistication.

The Challenge: Brand Activation

The Luxury Jewelry Brand hired Fifth & Cor to develop a fresh and impactful go-to-market strategy that would: 

  • Drive Traffic

  • Attract Leads

  • Promote Brand Awareness

  • Build Community Engagement

  • Instill Customer Purchasing Confidence

Solution & Strategy

Fifth & Cor developed a strategic mix of stunning visuals, engagement opportunities, and multi-channel experiences that would heighten awareness as Luxury Jewelry Brand entered the market. 


Growing Brand Awareness

Micro-influencers have a high level of trust with their audiences. In fact, they often have more credibility than the brand itself.  In managing a large base of micro-influencer relationships, Fifth & Cor was able to harness the scope of a broad audience with specific interests.  A strategic approach to content and design was also implemented, thereby generating high levels of engagement and consumer confidence. 


The Influencer Program

The Fifth & Cor team leveraged proactive outreach strategies to grow an active community of influencers who communicate and enhance brand values. Through this program, the brand was able to secure a macro-influencer deal with a major recording artist, in addition to managing a team of nearly 50 micro-influencers.


Social Success

As the Luxury Jewelry Brand experienced peak brand awareness, shoppable posts and Swipe-Up Stories generated valuable traffic to site.  One post, in particular, generated over 9K impressions, 100+ comments, and more than 75 website clicks. 

Brand Activation

Online brand activation focused on user experience, consumer interaction, and strategic outreach. Their in-store brand activation included:

  • Talent Events

  • Music Festivals

  • Bloomingdales Flagship Pop-up

  • Fashion Shows


With a comprehensive digital activation plan in place, the Luxury Jewelry Brand was able to analyze its consumer interactions and create meaningful on-site experiences.  Tailored action plans were also carried out to drive conversions.


Increase in Instagram Followers


Increase in

Post Reach


Increase in

Site Sessions via Social Referral


Increase in

Site Traffic from Instagram

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