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Long Brown Hair

Transformative Growth: Elevating a Haircare Brand in the US Market

Case Study

284% Increase
in accounts reached

398.7% Increase 
in engagement


Haircare Brand partnered with Fifth & Cor to grow its online presence and engage a broader audience across several social media platforms. 

Fifth & Cor devised a comprehensive digital strategy focusing on organic growth and engagement metrics across Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

Outcomes and Impact: 

In just one month, Fifth & Cor’s strategic plan generated remarkable growth for the haircare brand across multiple social media platforms:


  • +1,037 increase in followers: the brand welcomed over 1,000 new followers, expanding its instagram community

  • Reached 174,609 accounts: achieved a staggering 284% increase in account reach, significantly boosting brand visibility

  • Engaged 4,588 Accounts: Interaction surged by +168% M.O.M., fostering meaningful connections with followers


  • +405 Increase in Followers: Fifth & Cor's targeted campaigns led to steady growth in the brand's Facebook following.

  • 22 Link Clicks: A +46.6% month-over-month increase in link clicks, driving more traffic to the brand's website and content.

  • 3,815 Total Engagements: A substantial +398.7% month-over-month increase, indicating strong resonance and engagement with the brand's posts.

  • Pinterest: 

  • 3.24k Total Impressions: Optimized Pins increased visibility by +45% month-over-month, enhancing brand presence on Pinterest.

  • 1.13k Total Audience Reached: A +26% month-over-month increase, expanding the brand's reach to a larger audience.

Fifth & Cor significantly boosted Haircare Brand's social media presence across Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Fifth & Cor's tailored strategies led to impressive growth engagements, and increased followers and audience reach across all platforms. These results highlight Fifth & Cor's ability to create effective, resonant strategies that enhance brand visibility and drive sustained growth on social media. 

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