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Case Study

Expert Insights Unleashed: How a LinkedIn Newsletter Propelled a Non-Profit to Industry Prominence

From Blank Canvas to Bold Conversations

Fifth & Cor collaborated with Veteran-Focused Nonprofit Organization to expand its outreach by engaging the target audience with new communication and engagement methods. The partnered nonprofit offers specialized resources and support to veterans and their families, including educational assistance and wellness programs. 

The Challenge: Establishing Industry Expertise

Veteran-Focused Nonprofit worked closely with Fifth & Cor to strengthen its community engagement programs. Fifth & Cor aimed to deliver positive results by fulfilling the following goals:

  • Establishing authority

  • Gaining views for the nonprofit’s LinkedIn newsletter

  • Expanding the newsletter’s subscriber base 

  • Raising awareness for the nonprofit’s mission and campaigns

Veteran Family

Solution and Strategy

Fifth & Cor leveraged its LinkedIn expertise to create an attention-grabbing, informative newsletter that boosted audience engagement. Prior to the newsletter launch, the Fifth & Cor team worked with nonprofit representatives to identify their priorities, member needs, and objectives to optimize newsletter content. 

Subscription Growth

The launch of the curated LinkedIn newsletter saw 168 subscribers within the first month. Fifth & Cor employed a wide range of newsletter best practices to engage current nonprofit members and members of their network. These included optimized titles, descriptions with relevant keywords, and quality content based on the nonprofit’s industry expertise and community experiences. 

A Boost in Repost Rates

Fifth & Cor’s LinkedIn newsletter strategy focused on providing relatable, shareable content that encouraged subscribers to spread the nonprofit’s messages. The community-prioritized approach led to a 233% increase in the repost rate on all posts.

Increased Newsletter Views


Fifth & Cor optimized the searchability of the nonprofit’s LinkedIn newsletter by fully utilizing built-in platform features, such as the SEO title and description within the settings. The team set the newsletter publishing schedule based on community member preferences for maximized engagement, resulting in over 200 newsletter views.

Together Again
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