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Maximizing Med Spa's Online Presence through Viral Reel

Case Study

2,986 Reel interactions

92 Follows generated

A newly opened Florida Med Spa sought to elevate its online presence and engage with a broader audience through social media. At Fifth & Cor, our goal was to implement an omnichannel social media strategy by combining onsite content creation with trending audio. Leveraging trending audios, trending video ideas, and real User-Generated Content (UGC) Fifth & Cor crafted a compelling strategy aimed at capturing audience attention and driving engagement.

Viral Reel Metrics:

Within just 12 days of posting, the Med Spa's Instagram reel saw remarkable engagement:

  • 98,230 Total plays, showcasing the immense reach and viewership of the content

  • 2,986 Reel interactions, indicating substantial engagement and audience interaction

    • Reel engagements range from likes, comments, shares and saves

  • 92 Follows generated, illustrating the reel's effectiveness in attracting new followers and expanding the Med Spa's audience base


Strategic Content Approach:

Fifth & Cor executed an immersive content creation session, spending four hours onsite with the client and their team to capture engaging photos and videos of their treatments, office space, providers, products and more. This session was meticulously planned to ensure the content captured resonated authentically with the audience and showcased the unique offerings of the Med Spa. 


Key Elements of Success:

1. Trending Content: Incorporating trending audio and video concepts ensured that the Med Spa's reel remained relevant and caught the eye of social media users scrolling through their feeds.


2. Real UGC and Lookalike Content: Fifth & Cor integrated real User-Generated Content (UGC) specifically in formats best digested on social media platforms. This approach added authenticity and credibility to the reel, making it more relatable to viewers. The content prominently featured individuals that patients will encounter when they visit the location, bridging their physical experience with the digital experience on the Med Spa's social pages.



Fifth & Cor's innovative viral reel strategy has proven instrumental in elevating Med Spa's social media presence and driving meaningful engagement. The substantial plays, reel interactions, and follows generated underscore the expertise of Fifth & Cor in crafting compelling content strategies that resonate with audiences.

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