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Case Study

Turning Clicks into Cash: A Home Accessory Brand's Groundbreaking ROI Story

From Challenge to Opportunity 

Home Accessory Company, a leading retailer of stylish home decor and accessories, was seeking to boost its sales through social advertising. Recognizing the potential of Pinterest as a platform to reach their target audience, the company partnered with Fifth & Cor. Together, they crafted a strategic campaign focused on retargeting to drive purchases and achieve remarkable results.

Home Accessory Company has been in the business of providing high-quality home decor and accessories for over a decade. With an extensive catalog of products ranging from furniture to decorative items, they cater to homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces with stylish and functional designs.

The Challenge 

Home Accessory Company faced several challenges when it came to their digital marketing efforts:

Low Conversion Rates: The company was experiencing low conversion rates on their website, indicating that they were not effectively capitalizing on their website traffic.

Maximizing ROI: They wanted to achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) for their advertising budget, particularly on Pinterest, which they believed held untapped potential.

Audience Engagement: Home Accessory Company needed to find an effective way to engage with their website visitors who did not make a purchase initially, as well as attract new potential customers with a strong interest in home decor.

Multifunctional Apartment

The Approach​

Fifth & Cor devised a comprehensive strategy to address Home Accessory Company's challenges and objectives. The primary focus was on creating a retargeting campaign on Pinterest, leveraging the platform's visual appeal and robust targeting options.

  • Pinterest Retargeting: Fifth & Cor implemented a Pinterest retargeting strategy, using Pinterest Tag to track website visitors' actions. This allowed them to segment the audience into different groups based on their interactions with the website, such as product views, cart abandonment, or past purchasers.

  • Dynamic Product Pins: Dynamic Product Pins were employed to showcase Home Accessory Company's products directly on Pinterest, ensuring that users were exposed to relevant items from their catalog. These pins automatically updated with product information and pricing, enhancing the user experience.

  • Custom Audiences: Fifth & Cor created custom audiences on Pinterest, targeting website visitors who had shown interest in specific product categories but had not completed a purchase. They also developed lookalike audiences to expand the reach to potential new customers with similar preferences.

  • Ad Creatives: Engaging and visually appealing ad creatives were designed to captivate Pinterest users and encourage them to click through to Home Accessory Company's website. These ads showcased the products in real-life settings, helping potential customers envision them in their own homes.

Let the Results Do the Talking​

​The collaboration between Home Accessory Company and Fifth & Cor yielded exceptional results:

  • 44.98 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The retargeting campaign on Pinterest delivered an impressive ROAS of 44.98, indicating that for every dollar invested in advertising, the company generated $44.98 in revenue.

  • Increased Conversion Rates: Conversion rates on the website significantly improved as a result of the retargeting campaign. Visitors who had previously interacted with the website were more likely to complete a purchase.

  • Expanded Customer Base: The use of lookalike audiences helped Home Accessory Company reach a wider audience of potential customers who shared characteristics and interests with their existing customer base.

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: The visually appealing ad creatives not only drove sales but also increased brand visibility and recognition on Pinterest, positioning Home Accessory Company as a trusted source for home decor.


Through a targeted retargeting campaign on Pinterest, Home Accessory Company, in partnership with Fifth & Cor, achieved remarkable results. The 44.98 ROAS demonstrated the effectiveness of the strategy in maximizing ROI and driving sales. By leveraging the power of Pinterest and strategic audience segmentation, Home Accessory Company successfully reached their goal of increasing sales through social advertising while also enhancing their brand presence in the competitive home decor market.

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