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Case Study

Shattering Expectations: How the Fifth & Cor Team Dominated the Organic Coverage Game

The Journey to Brand Loyalty, Awareness, and Competitive Distinction


Marketing & Innovation Company sought effective strategies to differentiate itself from competitors and build a strong brand presence to establish credibility. In just its first year and a half, the Fifth & Cor Team achieved remarkable success for them by securing over 20 organic media features across local, national, and global platforms.

Unleashing the Power of Strategy


The primary objectives of the Public Relations Strategy were:


  • To organically stand out from competitors in the marketing and innovation industry.

  • To create extensive brand awareness and recognition.

  • To establish credibility and trust among potential clients and partners.

To achieve its objectives, Fifth & Cor implemented the following strategies:


Building Relationships with Media Outlets:


Fifth & Cor focused on cultivating relationships with key media outlets, both locally and globally. They reached out to journalists, reporters, and podcast hosts, offering them exclusive access to their innovative projects, expert insights, and industry trends. By fostering these relationships, Fifth & Cor gained media allies who were eager to cover their clients’ stories.


Compelling Storytelling:


The Fifth & Cor Team understood the power of storytelling and making bold statements in order to capture media attention. They developed engaging narratives around their projects, highlighting the unique aspects and the impact they had on their clients. This approach made their stories more appealing to journalists and increased the likelihood of media coverage.


Thought Leadership and Expertise:


To establish credibility, Marketing & Innovation Company positioned itself as a thought leader in the marketing and emerging technologies spaces. They actively participated in industry events, conferences, webinars, and podcasts, where their experts delivered keynote speeches and shared valuable insights. This demonstrated their expertise and enhanced their reputation, leading to increased media interest.

Journalist Desk

Outcomes and Results:


Through the implementation of these strategies, the Fifth & Cor Team achieved the following outcomes:


  • Extensive Media Coverage: Within its first year and a half, Marketing & Innovation Company secured over 20 media features organically. These features encompassed a wide range of outlets, including prominent local, national, and global publications as well as well-known leaders in the technology ecosystem. The media coverage showcased Fifth & Cor's innovative projects, thought leadership, and industry contributions, effectively establishing their brand in the market.

  • Increased Brand Awareness: The media coverage generated significant brand awareness for Fifth & Cor. As their stories gained traction, more individuals and organizations became familiar with the company and its unique offerings. This increased visibility helped Fifth & Cor stand out from competitors and attract potential clients and partners.

  • Enhanced Credibility: The extensive media coverage and thought leadership initiatives greatly contributed to Fifth & Cor's credibility within the industry. The recognition and validation received from reputable media outlets solidified their expertise and positioned them as a reliable and trustworthy marketing and innovation company.

The Fifth & Cor Team’s proactive approach to media coverage enabled them to achieve remarkable success within Marketing & Innovation Company’s debut year. By employing strategic tactics such as building relationships with media outlets, compelling storytelling, thought leadership, and leveraging social media, Fifth & Cor effectively differentiated itself from competitors.

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