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Case Study

Leveraging Social Media Strategies for a Non-Profit Veteran Organization

Executive Summary

A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the military community, partnered with Fifth & Cor, to harness the potential of effective social media strategies. By strategically utilizing boosted posts and Pinterest promotions, our collaborative effort aimed to amplify brand visibility and engagement, showcasing the organization's mission and values. This case study outlines the impactful strategies and results achieved within the initial month of implementation.



  • Increase brand visibility and engagement within the military community.

  • Utilize social media features to promote the organization's mission and values.


Strategy Implementation

Fifth & Cor devised a two-fold strategy leveraging Meta and Pinterest. Firstly, a focus was on the Meta Business Suite's boosted post feature. The team curated content aligning with the organization's mission, emphasizing thought leadership within the military community. These boosted posts were tailored to resonate with the target military demographic, increasing brand visibility on Instagram.


The second aspect was the utilization of Pinterest's Pin Promotion option. This involved showcasing visually engaging content promoting the organization's cause. The pin promotions targeted the community and emphasized the organization's commitment to supporting military personnel.


Results Achieved

  • Instagram Reach Surge

    • Experienced an outstanding 6,278% increase in Instagram reach.

    • Boosted post strategy effectively expanded brand visibility on this platform.


  • Facebook Page Visits

    • Achieved a significant 131% increase in page visits on Facebook.

    • The emphasis on thought leadership and mission-driven content contributed to increased engagement.


  • Pinterest Audience Growth

    • Witnessed a remarkable 16,560% increase in total audience on Pinterest.

    • Strategic pin promotions resonated effectively within the military community, driving substantial growth.



The collaboration between the Non-Profit Veteran Organization and Fifth & Cor yielded exceptional outcomes within the initial month of implementation. By harnessing a variety of social media platforms and strategies, a substantial surge in brand visibility and engagement was created. This strategic focus not only amplified visibility but also established the organization as a prominent and engaging force within the military community.

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