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Marketing Workshop

What is a Marketing Workshop?

Fifth & Cor’s marketing workshop is an opportunity for your business to level up its marketing efforts. We’ll walk you through creating a plan for leveraging and strategizing those efforts step by step.


In this workshop, our team will lead your team through a thorough deep dive where we will come together to figure out the most optimal and efficient way to carry out your brand's goals, both immediate and long-term. Additionally, we will go through every step of the marketing process with you from start to finish, sparing no details.

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Working Together

Why A Marketing Workshop
Is Important For Business

Our marketing workshop is a crucial first step in the journey of growing your business. Participating in this strategic session will not only simplify the creation of your marketing strategy, but it will also transform your team’s thought process by forcing them to become innovative in the way they think. During the workshop, we will walk you through the process to help you define your target market, clarify your company's exact vision, establish what your long-term goals are along with solutions to achieving them and create an order of importance. At the completion of the workshop, you will be able to better position your brand as a leader in your industry resulting in success now and beyond.


Define Your Target Market 

Have a clear understanding of who you’re trying to reach from your marketing efforts.

Clarify Your Company's Vision

Establish exactly who your company is and what the company is striving for.

Establish Long-Term Goals

Work towards structural objectives to not only improve the brand but additionally empowers your brand to its fullest potential. 

Identify Your Brand’s Priorities

Prioritizing the process, building a stepping stone bridge to your long-term goals. 


All of these factors will make your marketing strategy a simpler process and effective at scaling your brand when put into place.

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Importance For Your Team

Not only will our marketing workshop give you the tools for creating significant brand awareness, but it is vital for the overall improvement of your company.


This workshop doubles as employee training with our instructional tactics that have shaped leaders in the industry. It will aid in building your team’s confidence, improving their productivity, as well as allow cohesive organization across the company. The event is an interactive space where your team members are encouraged to ask questions and engage with the Fifth & Cor team–no questions are off limits.


Your team will leave with a personalized workbook with our greatest marketing secrets to refer back to whenever needed.

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Value Of A Marketing
Workshop With Fifth & Cor

Participating in this workshop will ultimately save your business time and money, allow you to gain new insight into the marketing industry and your business, create stronger connections with consumers and industry leaders, and define exactly what your brand's true purpose is. In short, we simplify an otherwise complex process for you and provide you with the tools needed to take on the compound, ever-changing marketing industry.


Save Time

By revamping your brand's voice and establishing your mission, you’ll align your marketing strategies all within our compact sessions.

Gain New Insight

In working with the Fifth & Cor team, we will guide your team to look at the brand through a different lens allowing you to gain a new perspective and answer any unanswered questions. 

Create Stronger Connections

Your team will leave equipped with the skills needed to develop powerful relationships in your industry, conduct easy and open communication, and productive community engagement. 

Discover Brand’s Purpose

Going through an in-depth deep dive of your brand and industry will allow your team to unearth the purpose of your company and unveil the potential for your short-term and long-term goals. 

"Fifth & Cor is founded on strong relationships – it’s why one of our ‘Cor’ values is humanity. We want to get to know you, your goals, and your vision. Our mission is to help you create and execute a strategy that will continuously bring success far beyond our partnership. Marketing is more than just a single strategy; it's a continuous process. Trust Fifth & Cor to provide strategies and tactics that effectively reach your audience and build your business. 

Contact us today or book a call to get started on your next Marketing Workshop!

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