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iOS Software Update…More like SOS Software Update

As a consumer, you may not realize that your phone is one of the essential devices in your life. It's where we go to check our email, browse the internet and chat with friends and family - it's essentially an extension of ourselves. As a paid media marketer, you know how crucial it is to be on top of all changes coming from Apple as they will change how you advertise for clients.

What Paid Media was like before iOS 14 and 15 updates

More pixel data

Before the iOS 14 and 15 updates, focus on privacy and opting out of being tracked weren't major concerns. Many consumers were unaware of how advertisers tracked their interests with data-gathering tools like the Facebook pixel. This allowed marketers to have a vast amount of customer data since few people opted out of consumer tracking.

Longer attribution windows

Social media channels like Facebook had fluidity to attribution windows for their ads that brands could absorb based on objective and internal adapted models. However, with the iOS updates, the standard attribution window has increased and those without additional tracking parameters intact, become blurred. Prior to the recent iOS updates, marketers were able to analyze campaign funnels with accurate tracking and have a better picture of the customer journey from when they viewed the initial ad to the final purchase.

Track multiple conversion actions

In the past, marketers could track multiple conversion actions to give a sense of where the customer may have dropped out of the buying sequence. This allowed marketers to optimize their funnels by micro analyzing each landing page, button, add-to-cart page, etc., throughout the customer journey.

How iOS14 disrupted the advertising landscape

The iOS 14 update was an essential release by Apple that had a significant impact on digital marketers. The changes included a shift to increase privacy and transparency. This meant that users were now notified when an app wanted access to their data to use it for tracking/re-marketing purposes. All app developers now need consent from the user before collecting data from them.

How iOS15 affects the world of email marketing

Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) is a significant feature of the new iOS 15 update that will shake up the world of email marketing. This update by Apple gives users more control over their digital footprints in response to growing concerns about online privacy and surveillance and pressure from law enforcement agencies who want access to encrypted data formats like iMessage or WhatsApp chats.

Impact on the Consumer

The iOS 14 and 15 updates have a massive impact on consumers. Though they may not notice a difference in their day-to-day lives, their privacy will be retained, and companies will have a more challenging time trying to track their data. Due to this, however, consumers may not be served ads that are tailored to their likings, shopping behaviors, and interests due to a lack of accuracy in targeting features. This means that marketers may now need to rely on other factors like time of day or where the consumer is located to serve them ads.

Impact on Paid Media Marketers

For paid media marketers, this shift by Apple has meant a significant change for their industry. As stated before, tracking and analytic tools will be limited due to Apple restricting access to customer data. The companies that can adapt quickly enough can take advantage of these changes by exploring new methods such as offline attribution, which measures conversions through direct response campaigns rather than online purchases/leads. This presents companies with an excellent opportunity to figure out new attribution models and make their marketing strategies more effective to compensate for changes in the industry.

iOS updates and the future of paid media

Paid media marketers need to adapt their strategies when it comes to iOS updates. The biggest takeaway is that the targeting capabilities are now more limited, but they also have more freedom to explore new attribution models. However, you may see fewer targeted ads based on your information and web history/habits as a consumer. As the world becomes ever more digital and technology innovates, privacy will become an even bigger issue. It is vital for everyone to stay informed on the latest changes in technology and how it impacts them personally.

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