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May I Pique Your Pinterest?

Pinterest is much more than a social network, it's "the spot" for people to find inspiration and develop creative ideas.

For businesses, it's an opportunity to reach that community. From greater brand awareness to increased traffic and sales, Pinterest is a way for companies of all sizes to connect with their target audiences. This platform can also offer insight into what's trending within a specific industry or niche so that brands can pivot accordingly.

Why Is Pinterest Content Marketing Great for Businesses?

Pinterest now has 459 million monthly active users and counting. In 2020, the platform saw the largest increase ever, gaining over 100 million monthly active users, boosting weekly in-cart and checkout conversions by 300%. Meaning, Pinterest users weren't just engaging with brands. They were shopping, and, most importantly, buying.

There were several factors that led to increased conversion rates, including the features Pinterest added to make a user's shopping experience easier.

Just some of the reasons businesses are investing in Pinterest include:

  • Pinterest yields high conversion rates compared to other social sites because it reduces the number of steps from discovery to conversion.

  • Pinterest drives traffic to sites, making it a great tool to generate leads/

  • Every pin includes a link, leading back to the original source, which yields higher rates of engagement.

  • Pinterest easily integrates with websites as well as other social media profiles.

  • The ability to see what key audiences are interested in.

  • A cost-effective way to increase brand awareness.

Pinterest Offers Many Content Capabilities

When it comes to the type of content businesses can share, Pinterest offers several format options. Having the options below will help diversify your marketing strategy.

  • Videos — There are options to upload a standard width video Pin or ad, which are a minimum of 4 seconds or a maximum of 15 minutes. Max. width videos are the same concerning video length. The difference is these are paid media ad videos that expand across a user's entire mobile feed.

  • Idea Pins — In a single Pin, businesses can feature multiple videos, lists, images, and custom text.

  • Static images — These pins (or ads) are only one image, which can be PNG or JPEG files. Pinterest recommends an aspect ratio of 2:3 or 1000x1500 pixels.

  • Carousel Pins/ads — These Pins feature 2-5 images that users can swipe through.

  • Collection Pins/ads — This option features one main image above a minimum of three smaller images or a maximum of 24 secondary images.

  • Shopping ads — Following the same specs as static Pins and ads, shopping ads feature one image that allows users to purchase products directly from the images they find on Pinterest.

What Is the Verified Merchant Program?

The Verified Merchant Program (VMP) helps users discover and buy from brands that are already vetted.

Once verified, a brand's Pins may appear organically in the feeds of people who search for products on the platform.

This allows companies to:

  • Shine a spotlight on their brands, as well as their products and services.

  • Become eligible for the distribution of their products within Pinterest's shopping experience.

  • Showcase a blue checkmark on their profile and Pins, which tells users the brand has been vetted.

  • Display pricing and availability on product Pins.

  • Add a "shop" tab on their profile, making it easier to drive sales.

Advertising on Pinterest

Whether a company wants to get more traffic, increase in-store purchases, or grow its reach, Pinterest has advertising solutions for every goal. As discussed above, there are multiple ad formats to choose from, all of which harness the power of visual-first formats.

The process is simple. Various tools are available to build and edit campaigns, supporting optimal ad management and analytics. Targeting tools also allow brands to choose their desired audience, reach people based on their interests, narrow down users based on demographics, add specific keywords, and the list goes on.


Ready to Build a Winning Pinterest Strategy? Fifth & Cor Can Help

Fifth & Cor can implement a Pinterest content marketing strategy for your brand — one that converts!

Let's work together. Contact us today!

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