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What Does "Fifth & Cor" Mean?

The Fifth & Cor team takes pride in its unique position at the intersection of strategy, innovation, and creativity. Our in-house experts apply a synergy of resources to empower each client with quality marketing solutions that fit their specific needs. We constantly strive to help your business reach its full potential.

Our company holds a clear vision and tireless dedication backed by proven success. Nevertheless, many clients remain curious about the origin of our brand identity and what we represent. Here's the answer to those lingering questions and how Fifth & Cor aims to continuously provide effective solutions in the ever-shifting marketing landscape.

What Does Fifth & Cor Mean?

"Fifth" refers to the five senses through which we, as humans, experience marketing. At Fifth & Cor, we seek to curate innovative marketing that allows consumers to experience the elements through all five senses.

"Cor" means heart in Latin. We've chosen to make this part of our name because everything we do comes from our hearts. We are passionate people. We work whole-heartedly in everything we do.

Our brand name origin alludes to the five "Cor values" that drive our daily planning and execution: passion, humanity, innovation, integrity, and growth. These five pillars determine our success as we align industry expertise and tech-driven tools toward achieving the goals of individuals, businesses, and communities.

We Are Passionate About Our Role

The Fifth & Cor team infuses passion into every aspect of our workflow. You can witness this from your first contact right up to project completion. We believe passion is a dynamic force that has become increasingly vital for navigating the complex multichannel experiences in our current times.

Our passionate approach to marketing and innovation recognizes that clients and their end-users can maintain a seamlessly optimized experience regardless of where their communications take them. Whether it’s the social sphere, email marketing, or direct communications, clients can expect the same commitment and superior work quality in Fifth & Cor solutions.

We Always Take the People-First Approach

Our team has always prioritized customer needs before all else, long before people-first strategies became a mainstream standard. To that end, we always seek to build long-term client relationships built on trust and transparency. We ensure conversations remain human and empathetic, especially considering the rise of AI’s automated convenience.

Innovation Lies at the Heart of What We Do

Fifth & Cor skillfully complements industry specialization with technological advancements. We’re always learning and adopting the latest, most immersive technological implementations to enhance marketing efficiencies and business communications.

We Act With Integrity

Our dedicated experts maintain the most secure data practices. We believe this has become a high-level priority as digital technology becomes more complex, involving multiple touchpoints and data sources. Fifth & Cor takes full responsibility in every collaboration, no matter how complicated the technology is.

A Culture With a Growth Mindset

Fifth & Cor team members strongly believe in advancing team goals with an interdependent work style. We understand the importance of individual growth and how it affects organizational progress. That's why we always encourage teamwork and timely feedback through internal communication. Doing so helps us manage the team cohesively and zoom in on specific issues for fast, accurate solutions, driving optimized client experiences.

Going Above and Beyond With Your Projects

We bring heart to every client relationship, driven by a five-point "Cor" mission to improve the customer experience. Our five "Cor" values keep us rooted in the service of delivering experience-driven solutions. We're never deterred or fazed by the rapid rise of emerging tech. Instead, we continue to expand our client base, which has come to trust our direction in navigating market complexities through the most updated solutions.

Contact the Fifth & Cor team to discover how you can shape your brand identity with immersive marketing innovations.

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