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Why Influential Content is Central to Effective Marketing

For businesses looking to invest — or increase investment — in digital marketing, content marketing soon enters into the discussion. As the core of most digital strategies, content provides direction and material for social posts, opt-in pages, and advertising creatives. But is this marketing methodology genuinely worth the effort that it requires?

Current marketers answer that question with a resounding "yes." In SEMRush's 2020 State of Content Marketing Report, 94% of surveyed marketers use a content-centered approach to marketing. Even more telling, 68% planned to increase their investment in content this year. Understanding the importance of content marketing — and taking advantage of its benefits — requires understanding the role of copywriting and creatives.

Effective Content Requires Compelling Copywriting

Not all content is created equal. Certain articles and media capture and hold attention, while others are ineffective. The difference is in copywriting; copy that converts visitors to customers uses powerful words, gets to the point, and employs a voice and tone that keeps people reading. Many effective copywriters also employ proven formulas to persuade, including the problem, promise, proof, and proposal approach.

Great copywriting does more than elevate content; it helps establish a company's voice, contributing to consistency and brand awareness across marketing channels. Done well, copywriting also clarifies the value of a product or service for target customers, letting them see how these solutions address their pain points. In addition, well-written content that expresses shared values will build a customer's relationship with the brand. Investment in quality writing ensures that each piece of content is fine-tuned for the highest return.

Successful Campaigns Require Dynamic Creatives

Content is equally important to the advertising side of the equation. From text-only to video ads, these formats provide limited time and space to make an impact. Compared to blog posts and long-form content, creatives need to be even more direct and persuasive, using wording and designs that quickly capture attention and understanding. Creative assets can make or break an organization's digital marketing campaigns.

Creatives that are successful optimize every element to inform and persuade. Imagery, copy, layout, and CTAs should all work together to clarify a value proposition. Businesses can leverage data from advertising platforms to make the most of each asset and use A/B testing to explore the effects of changes. Both copywriting and creatives should be reviewed and updated regularly to refine and improve performance.

The Influence of Content on Paid Media

Quality content and creatives play an essential role in paid media, including Google Ads or paid search, paid social ads, and other advertising campaigns. Content marketing increases brand affinity by building trust and familiarity with both potential and current customers. Better content is more effective at reaching the right audience, making the most of advertising budgets.

The data generated from paid media content also enables marketers to take advantage of remarketing, which creates custom audience segments that have already shown interest. At the same time, a larger base of content and creatives provides a larger pool from which to generate ads. This gives marketers the ability to more easily adapt and optimize campaigns to make them more effective and address changing customer needs.

The Impact of Content on Organic Marketing

Higher-level copywriting and creatives may have a less direct impact on the organic marketing ROI, but it is no less critical. Relevant, persuasive content that matches customer queries will rank higher on search engine results pages and get seen by more potential buyers. Content marketing can drive greater traffic to business websites and sales pages through the search results, generating more sales.

This is especially true of real-life content that highlights the benefits of a product or service in action. From influencer relationships to user-generated content, these pieces are more likely to strike a chord with potential customers. This creative content is also more likely to be shared by others, earning a greater organic marketing reach.

With organic marketing, content and creatives can also reach customers earlier in the buying process. 81% of consumers do their own research online before making a purchase decision. The right content builds trust in the brand as a resource while providing the information to address their more immediate needs. These assets also provide a wealth of material to share across organic and earned marketing channels, from social media to emails.

Powerful content is an essential marketing element for companies that want to have an impact on digital visitors. As the focus on online platforms increases, persuasive copywriting and compelling creatives are critical to marketing success and ensuring a solid return on marketing investments.

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