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Elevating Spa's Excellence: Fifth & Cor's Transformational PR Journey


Public Relations


Beauty & Health

A Powerful PR Collaboration

Fifth & Cor joined forces with Luxury Spa to revamp its Public Relations strategy and enhance its visibility in the highly competitive spa industry. Luxury Spa, acclaimed for its exceptional services and serene atmosphere, had aspirations of expanding its customer base and forging partnerships with prominent hotels in the area. Understanding the spa's untapped potential and the importance of bolstering its brand image, Fifth & Cor embarked on a comprehensive PR campaign with the objectives of positioning the spa as a premier destination and establishing fruitful collaborations with hotel partners.

Leveraging Media Outreach and Relationship Building


Leveraging its extensive network of media contacts, Fifth & Cor proactively connected the spa with 50+ relevant journalists, editors, and influencers from renowned international publications within the spa and lifestyle sectors. The team coordinated press visits and familiarization tours, providing an opportunity for influential individuals to experience the spa firsthand. By nurturing these relationships, Fifth & Cor aimed to secure positive media coverage, generate buzz, and establish the spa as a go-to destination among both local and national media outlets with influence in the aesthetics industry.

Impactful Podcasting

As part of Fifth & Cor's PR campaign for Luxury Spa, the team landed them a feature on a well-established industry podcast in a segment discussing the best summer destinations. This podcast established the spa as a trusted authority, driving brand awareness and nurturing a loyal community of wellness enthusiasts. The strategic episode release, promotion, and audience interaction further enhanced the spa's reach and reputation as a top destination for relaxation and wellness expertise.

Transformational Results

Fifth & Cor's PR campaign catapulted Luxury Spa to thrive within a prestigious Connecticut hotel, affiliated with a global hotel chain spanning 138 countries. Positioned as a top-tier wellness destination, it has experienced significant expansion and customer demand. The spa's success, driven by strategic PR efforts, signals immense growth potential and positions it for continued acclaim in the industry.

Forging a Path to Success

Fifth & Cor's collaboration with the prestigious luxury spa resulted in a transformative PR campaign that elevated the spa's brand image, expanded its customer base, and solidified its position as a premier destination in the highly competitive spa industry.


Through strategic media outreach, relationship building, impactful podcasting, social media engagement, experiential marketing, and strategic partnerships, Fifth & Cor successfully enhanced the Luxury Spa's visibility, generated positive media coverage, and fostered a loyal community of wellness enthusiasts. The spa's remarkable growth and its establishment within a prestigious Connecticut hotel affiliated with a global chain are a testament to the campaign's resounding success. With the spa poised for continued acclaim and expansion, Fifth & Cor's comprehensive PR efforts have propelled it to new heights in the industry, securing its place as a top-tier wellness destination.

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