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Canva Create 2022: The Future is Visual Recap

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Canva Photo

On September 14, 2022, popular design platform, Canva, hosted a global event to introduce some exciting news. Canva has unveiled new features and changes to the site that are some of the biggest changes in almost a decade.

What are These Changes and How They Benefit Your Business

Let’s explore! In this 90-minute, impactful presentation Canva showed some impressive features that have already been added or are in Beta testing. This Visual Worksuite, as they call it, can help empower your team and explore new forms of communication that you might not have thought of before for your business.

Canva Docs

Canva Docs allows the creation of visual documents. Bring your once-plain paper to life with a boosted digital experience. Drag and drop lists, videos, data, and pictures all while also being able to convert to a presentation on the fly.

This extension of Canva can be seen as a place to keep your plans and ideas organized for your business. Not to mention, the easy collaboration access it brings with real-time notes, lists, and even the ability to get view and engagement insights if you turn the document into a presentation and share with others. Boost your engagement not only with your team but with your audience with Canva Docs all while maintaining that visually appealing aesthetic Canva loves to highlight.

Canva Docs is launching in Beta later this year, if you want to join the waitlist to try it out click here.

Canva Websites

Websites can be complicated. Coding, editing, and paying a large amount of money for hosting is a lot to take in. With Canva Websites, turn any document, presentation, or PDF made in Canva instantly into a fully responsive website. The website builder also has access to templates and the Canva content library as well as responsive device previews. You can purchase a branded domain within the Canva platform too.

Bringing all the steps of website creation into one spot is such an ease for business owners. Reach new heights with your online presence by creating immersive and interactive websites. Once your website is published utilize Canva Website’s analytics like tracking views, clicks, and engagements to understand how to market effectively and optimize your SEO.


Whiteboards are the ultimate collaborating machine. Just like a real-life whiteboard, Canva Whiteboards utilize jotting down thoughts, views, and mind mapping all without the hassle of your team fighting over the marker.

This is real-time, real-life brainstorming for everyone, everywhere in your company no matter their location. To promote more interactivity, you can even simulate real-life whiteboarding techniques such as sticky notes, synced timers, diagrams, flow charts, name-displaying cursors, and voting.

Video Editor

While the Videos tool has been around since 2021 for Canva, the Video Editor allows for more customization of your videos used! Canva Create unveiled a new, one-click Video Background Remover tool to all Pro, Teams, Education, and Nonprofit users.

New animation features are also able to be used across all videos and presentations. These tools unlock a new level of creativity for your content creation. The options are endless for featuring products (by removing the background and focusing solely on such), drawing attention to key elements via motion, and amplifying your short-form video with animation.


Canva has also unveiled new features for its Presentations program. You can use one of their templates, or even import any PDF, Powerpoint, or Illustrator file to automatically re-create your existing content in a more cinematic, compelling way. Canva takes a spin on the traditional presentation format by treating it like an engaging, informational video.

Amp up your quarterly reports with this feature. Presentations give your business the opportunity to turn a mundane, number-filled slideshow into a perfectly synced-to-sound demonstration of your business’s accomplishments.

Canva Print

Ever thought about merch, apparel, or fun leave-behinds for your company, but don’t know where to start? Canva Print allows you to bring to life over 35 different items in one place. These items include business cards, tee shirts, mugs, tote bags, and more. When you’re ready to print, you’ll be shown real-time mockups that will alert you if your elements might be cut off or be low resolution, ensuring a perfect print every time. To make it even better, you’ll receive free shipping if you are in the US.

Not only is digital marketing an important aspect of marketing your business, but having tangible items for your audience to remember you by is equally as important in your marketing strategy. Canva Print can help in getting your brand into the hands of your audience from creation to order in one spot.

These are just a few new features that can elevate your business or brand. To see the whole event click here.

Fifth and Cor stays on the forefront of innovation. We love to utilize new tools and technologies every day. Let us help you optimize your marketing strategy with the Canva Visual Worksuite. Head over to our contact page to work together today!

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