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How Email Marketing Can Grow Your Business Exponentially

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At first glance, email marketing seems overwhelmingly complicated and includes so many different aspects and factors that make it hard to know where to start, let alone do it effectively. Add the rise of social media and influencer marketing and it makes you wonder if email marketing will work in 2022.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective means of communication with your audience today. Let’s discover everything you need to know to get started with email marketing: what it is, how it grows your business, and what are some of the different types of emails involved.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing reaches your audience or customer base through super personalized means — their email inbox.

Welcoming in new sign-ups and sending regular emails to your subscribers, known in email marketing as "Your List," is direct communication with your audience. It boosts conversions, increases sales, and develops an excellent customer relationship.

Create highly targeted email campaigns that resonate with various smaller groups within your broader audience by segmenting your audience. Over a sequence of well-written emails touching on your audience's pain points, hopes, fears, and dreams, you have a potent emotional marketing tool right there.

How Does Email Marketing Grow Your Business?

While email marketing has many aspects, including segmentation, effective copywriting, and scheduling, the growth benefits are incredible.

Delivers Your Message

Because you directly address your audience, as you would through a text or personal message, you can help your customers, answer specific questions, inform them of content, and provide updates on new products and sales.

For example, you may be running a 50% off promotion with your e-commerce store, and while you have ads running and social media posts out there informing people, some may not see them. However, sending an email directly to that person's inbox makes it infinitely more likely they will see what's going on.

Drives Conversion

Leads, sales, or membership sign-ups — emails are fantastic for conversion. Sending emails allows you to create and develop a relationship with your audience.

Over a sequence of emails, you can inform, entertain, and simultaneously promote your latest products and sales. This "warming" of your prospects is much more effective and makes people more likely to buy than on a first encounter.

Higher ROI

When you use email marketing, you can expect a much higher ROI than you can with any other form of marketing. Hire a fantastic email marketer to craft a well-written email, send it at the right time to the right people, and take your audience along the buyer's journey while inserting your marketing goals accordingly.

Because of the relationship you create through email, people are more likely to buy from you. For example, suppose you create a sequence of emails that include you giving away free information, pointing people towards blog posts, or even giving away free products or services. In that case, you trigger reciprocity and make people feel like they want to give back to you — buy your products or services.

Different Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

There are numerous email marketing emails you can send out, so what are the main types?


When you get a new subscriber or list member, sending them a welcome email is a great idea. This email should include what they can expect from your business and what they can get from you. Make it known that you want to help them in every way possible.

Although open rates on these emails are relatively low, you don't want to leave new sign-ups hanging.


Got news or events coming up involving your business? Let your audience know by sending out a newsletter email. This keeps things current and everyone up to date with the vital goings-on in your business. You gain both the trust and credibility of your audience.


Whenever you have a sale, a new product, or a discount, you can send out a promotional email. This could perhaps follow up on a giveaway you did or after helping someone for free. That reciprocity and discount make for a super-powerful marketing message.

Abandoned Cart

With any online business, you're going to get cart abandonment. That's normal. But reminding people of their cart is surprisingly effective in conversions. Why not try at least?


Here in 2022, email marketing still certainly has its place. Despite the rise of other digital marketing methods, a well-thought-out, carefully crafted email sequence sent at just the right time is still one of the most effective marketing methods.

Positioning your products throughout such emails is incredibly powerful, and email marketing is essential for any business in 2022. If you need any assistance with email marketing or want help getting started, please contact Fifth & Cor today. We’d love to kickstart your email marketing and watch your business grow.


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