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Using Emotional Marketing To Your Advantage

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Directing funds into marketing is all well and good. Because the more effort, time, and funds you put into your marketing, the more results you'll see, right? Not exactly. If you're simply creating information content for content's sake while trying to pump out as much of it as is humanly possible, chances are the content will lack the weight and power necessary to be effective.

So how do you do the type of marketing that gets results and gives you a good ROI? Say "hello" to Emotional Marketing, a strategy that—yep, you guessed it—reaches your audience on an emotional level. This type of marketing is, without doubt, the most effective way to touch your audience and encourage them to take action. Boosts in sales, engagement, ROI, customer retention, and credibility are just some of the advantages you will gain from adopting this dynamic marketing approach.

Different Feelings Promote Different Results

While it may be evident that happy and positive emotions bring good connotations and make it more likely for customers to buy from you, did you know that, in fact, all feelings can be utilized to get your audience to take action?

Touching on your audience's emotions through their hopes, fears, and dreams is a superpower in terms of marketing so let's jump in and find out how the different emotions can be used to your advantage.


Undoubtedly, every business on the planet wants to be associated with happy, positive vibes and images of smiling, joyful customers. This positivity should be prominent throughout your branding and digital marketing. Pictures, videos, and content with positive connotations make your audience associate your brand with this image.

These positive connotations make it more likely for customers to buy and engage with you. Any image with happy, smiling customers will make people want to share content, engage with you, and subconsciously remember your brand as happy and cheerful.


While happiness is relatively straightforward, did you know that sadness and negative emotions can be just as, if not more powerful, than positive ones? Sadness through tapping into your audience's fears, worries, and the dread of not reaching their dreams is a super effective use of emotional marketing.

This can be done through storytelling throughout your digital marketing campaigns. For example, your customer has a problem that needs to be solved; otherwise, their fears and greatest worries will come true.

Then, along comes your product or service which helps your customers prevent this from happening and help them reach their goals and stop the sadness. This positions your customer as the hero in your story, with your service as the facilitator. This is super powerful.


Fear is one of the most powerful emotions you can tap into for marketing. Positioning your product or service as something that prevents your audience's greatest fears is exceptionally effective for getting your audience to take action. Action can be in the form of purchase to stop such a dreadful situation from happening and alleviate their greatest fears.


Another strong negative emotion that can seriously move your audience to action. If there's been an injustice in the world, you'll notice how powerful such stories are regarding petitions and fundraising campaigns. Marketing your products is no different. These negative emotions are much more effective and powerful than positive ones and should be used just as much, if not more, than positive emotions through your digital marketing.

Why Is Emotional Marketing Important?

In short, emotional marketing is so vital because it reaches your audience on an emotional level. Through fear, sadness, anger, or more positive emotions such as joy, happiness, and calmness, all the feelings can be used in slightly different ways to encourage your audience to take action.

Any digital marketing campaigns you conduct that touch any audience member emotionally stay in that person's mind for much longer than any informational marketing piece. In 2022 and throughout the past 2 years, many businesses, especially large companies with large budgets, have focused on creating marketing campaigns that are incredibly moving and hit their audience emotionally.

Emotion & Buying Influence From Emotional Marketing

Have you ever wondered what motivated a buyer to make a last-minute or fleet-of-the-moment purchase? Well, many large brands and businesses go much further than hoping their customers will be in that spending spree mood.

These big-spending purchases happen because the customer's emotions have been triggered. This can happen from one particular marketing campaign and at any stage of the customer buying journey. Whatever the setting, did you know that emotional marketing campaigns are 2X more effective than campaigns without this use of sensory marketing.

Effective Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing is 2x more effective than an information bulk approach, and utilizing emotion in your marketing moves customers to take action. It doesn't matter what the motion is; all of them can be used throughout your marketing and branding to get your customers to engage, take action, and make a purchase.

All emotions can be used as part of your larger brand story. Positioning your product as the facilitator to your customer and becoming the hero in your storytelling is how to truly resonate with your audience. We hope this post has helped illuminate the power of emotion in marketing and if you want to find out how emotional marketing can take your business forward, contact Fifth & Cor today.


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