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How Will Blockchain Change the World?

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Blockchain and cryptocurrency

In 2008, an individual or group of individuals, under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, published the first whitepaper explaining the model for a blockchain. The following year, Nakamoto launched the first real-world application of blockchain, known as Bitcoin. Just over a decade later, Bitcoin and the blockchain it is built on are finally being recognized in mainstream society. Since the launch of Bitcoin, many other blockchains have been created. The innovation blockchain technology and crypto will bring to the world is just getting started. Read on to learn more about blockchain and to discover the innovation it will provide to every sector and industry in the coming years.

Understanding Blockchain

When Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin in 2008, he referred to the digital currency as "a new electronic cash system that's fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party." To understand how crypto or digital currency works, blockchain technology must first be understood.

All cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Polygon, Cardano, Solana, and many more, are powered by a technology known as the blockchain. Essentially, a blockchain is a list of transactions that anyone can view and verify. For example, the Bitcoin blockchain contains records of all Bitcoin that has been sent or received since 2009. The blockchain is what makes it possible for individuals to transfer value or currency online without the need for a middleman like a bank or a credit card.

While blockchain is known to power crypto, it provides a variety of other uses, too, as blockchain-based applications are used to create secure records and contracts. For example, healthcare entities have been utilizing blockchain technology to safely store and transport patient records digitally. Nonprofit sectors and government agencies have also been utilizing smart contracts through blockchain technology to create, store, and share documents that can't be altered or tampered with and are carried out automatically.

5 Benefits Blockchain Technology Brings to Any Industry

Having only launched in 2009, Blockchain technology is truly just getting started. While blockchain technology is new, it has already illustrated some key benefits it can provide to any industry. Check out the top five benefits blockchain technology is providing to individuals, corporations, and entire industries who adopt it below.

  1. Decentralized Structure One of the key benefits blockchain technology provides is a decentralized structure where power is never held exclusively in the hands of one individual or a singular group. The decentralized structure that blockchain provides enables all businesses within any given industry to actively participate and share data freely without any business holding power over the others.

  2. Improved Security and Privacy Another key benefit that blockchain provides is improved security and privacy. Blockchain technology allows for the creation of an immutable record of transactions with end-to-end encryption. Ultimately, this ensures that no fraud or unauthorized activity can occur on the blockchain.

  3. Individual Control of Data Blockchain technology also offers an unprecedented amount of individual control over vital data and information. With digital data and information playing an increasingly vital role in business, having the ability to decide how digital data is stored and shared through blockchain-enabled smart contracts is significant as it strictly places control of data in the hands of individuals and individual organizations.

  4. Trust As no one entity holds more power or control on the blockchain, trust is also improved through the implementation of blockchain technology. The existence of Bitcoin and its participants' willingness to trade currency without knowing each other or working through a third-party such as a bank is just one of many examples of the trust that blockchain provides its users.

  5. Innovation Last but not least, blockchain technology fosters innovation. Blockchain technology is transforming the ways in which individuals and businesses are sharing data, information, currency, contracts, and more. The innovation that blockchain is bringing to the world is just getting started and will only become more significant as time progresses.

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