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Instagram’s Algorithm-free Solution to Feed Sorting and Why it Matters

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As a brand, you might find it tricky and challenging to keep up with Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm of the social media site. Instagram has listened to the feedback of netizens and recently launched an algorithm-free feed sorting option that optimizes user experiences.

Instagram users will receive a prompt from the top left corner of their app, providing the selection of “Following” or “Favorites” feed options.

With the new feature in place, you will have greater control over your Instagram marketing initiatives and lead response. Essentially, Instagram returns to its early days of chronological feeds, before intrusive marketing, leaving less to automated content suggestions and more to focused branding strategies.

Get Familiar with the New Instagram Feed-Sorting Options

Instagram’s algorithm feed-sorting option provides users with two main categories of sorting and viewing their posts. You may choose to categorize your feed based on your favorites or followings. These options enable users to keep up with the latest content updates from followed accounts, without interruption from algorithmic processes.

Favorites-sorting lets users view the most recent posts uploaded by accounts on their favorite list, with favorited accounts showing up higher in the home feed. Alternatively, following shows the posts of accounts that you follow. Both feed-sorting options enable users to keep up with the latest Instagram posts according to chronological order.

Through the new feed-sorting options, your online customers will have more control over the content that they view on the Instagram platform. As such, you will need to make some adjustments to your existing marketing strategy to maximize user engagement.

The Expected Effect on Instagram Marketing Campaigns

While the sorting options will likely alter the branding strategies employed across Instagram marketing, there are some key points to consider. While it seems like you should give your Instagram strategies an overhaul, the new feed sorting process will not become the default for users.

Algorithm-free feed sorting will apply to global users for the IoS and Android, however, it will not affect browser-based activity. Also, it is important to note that the sorting updates provide options rather than replace the previous system, so users may still opt for the standard algorithmic Home feed mode.

However, this might be a good opportunity to re-evaluate your Instagram branding and marketing strategies to prepare for a future that empowers users/customers with more freedom over their feeds and viewing experience.

Focus on Developing Quality Content

Instead of relying on the algorithm function, you should fine-tune your marketing to attract more favorites and followers organically, so that your campaigns and content stay at the top of mind regardless of the preferred feed sorting option.

For example, you might consider Instagram Stories, which generate leads through the popularity of ephemeral video content. The feature provides users with a teaser or glimpse of your offerings that appear on your follower’s timelines without intruding on a news feed. A carefully prepared Instagram Story post can draw on powerful emotional marketing elements that attract users.

You can further enhance user engagement with Instagram Stories by tagging the accounts of collaborators such as brands, celebrities, thought leaders, or influencers. Instagram’s Collab feature makes it convenient to optimize co-authored projects to achieve greater engagement, transparency, and audience diversification.

Another effective algorithm-free marketing strategy involves the use of user-generated content, where you can create instant engagement with customers and use their photos to re-gram with relevant hashtags. Additionally, you should re-evaluate your Instagram marketing strategy right from the foundation.

For instance, it might be a good time to track the performance metrics (e.g., engagement rates) of your Instagram campaigns, determining the frequency of content uploads, the best day, and timing for scheduled posts to acquire optimal user response. Ultimately, you should review the fundamental aspects of managing your brand’s Instagram account to maximize your reach.

It might be time to diversify your approach, moving beyond sponsored ads, with a focus on strengthening the core messaging behind your brand to more than 1 billion active users on the Instagram platform.

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