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Partner Spotlight: HelpScout

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Fifth & Cor recently partnered with Help Scout, a company that helps growing businesses manage all customer conversations through one powerful platform that feels like an inbox.

Help Scout is easy to set up and use, enabling customer-facing teams to have the time to focus on growing customer relationships. Help Scout’s advanced features allow for automation, collaboration, and organization through its various communication features such as live chat, email, and help centers.

With a mission to provide the tools any company's team will need to grow their business while also serving their customers, Help Scout is a great partnership for any company looking to better connect with its customers.

Travis Williams, Partnership Business Development Manager at Help Scout, connects companies with Help Scout and determines the best approach for each client.

“We find that many of our customers are at a stage of growth that requires them to define — or redefine — their marketing strategy,” said Williams.

Once a business develops a successful marketing strategy, more inbound communication is to be expected. While more inbound communication is great and means your company is growing, it can be hard to manage. This is where Help Scout comes in as the solution.

“Help Scout specializes in helping businesses navigate this increased volume by providing customers with best-in-class tools to organize and scale support,” said Williams. “As our customers grow with us, we want to not only provide them with a phenomenal tool to scale support, but also connect them with additional best-in-class services to help grow other areas of their business.”

Creating a strong customer service experience within your business is imperative to building lasting business-consumer relationships. This is largely because teams such as customer service and customer success are a business’s most effective way of growth.

Through Help Scout, companies can effectively and efficiently communicate with customers, providing the best customer support possible.

Help Scout ensures that all members of your customer service team are providing customers with preapproved branded messaging through pre-written replies that are saved within the Help Scout Platform.

“By crafting these messages ahead and baking in approved branding language, Admins can be confident that the entire team is communicating on brand,” said Williams.

Help Scout has also recently developed a newer feature known as proactive messaging, allowing customers to run promotions and targeted messaging on their websites.

“Messages are launched from our chat widget, called Beacon, which can be embedded into any page of your website with a quick copy and paste and can be triggered by an action, such as a first visit or the first visit in 30 days,” said Williams.

Beacon helps users call out product updates, offer helpful navigation information, promote new initiatives, and more.

Creating partnerships with Help Scout is beneficial for all parties involved. Partnerships allow Help Scout to reach more businesses and companies that work with Help Scout and are able to make new connections as well.

“When we partner with companies like Fifth & Cor, we are able to pair our technology with a service that complements our product, which not only supports the businesses we serve but also provides new connections for our partners,” said Williams.

Help Scout plans to continue to offer even more tools and services for their clients in 2023. One of the planned product updates includes a redesign of their Docs editor, which is Help Scout’s “Help Article” and “Help Desk” feature that companies can use when communicating with customers.

Help Scout is also releasing a new and improved user interface for their standard mailbox feature. The new interface is expected to make the experience more intuitive and easy to use.

If your company has an influential technology that you believe can transform a business’s marketing strategy, contact Fifth & Cor to discuss a potential partnership here!

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