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Partner Spotlight: Meet Particl, the answer to your data attribution needs

Fifth & Cor partnered with the leading provider of real-time market research, pricing optimization, and forecasting data, Particl, this year in an effort to bring clients and other e-commerce businesses a seamless retargeting experience.

Formally known as Luz, Particl recently closed an $8.5 million Series A investment deal alongside a company rebrand. With an estimated 218.8 million U.S. consumers shopping online in 2023, this news has come at a great time.

Ben Reynolds, Head of Partnerships at Particl, said the company’s technology is a new era of market research, giving businesses more access to groundbreaking opportunities and information. Their platform contains the data of top brands, such as Cuts, True Religion, and Dime Beauty, and offers clients the ability to use these analytics as projections for their own businesses.

“It's never been easier to access real-time market data, track competitors, optimize pricing and develop products,” said Reynolds. “This data can be used by creative teams, product development teams, executives and operations teams to make important decisions.”

Particl provides e-Commerce clients with extremely detailed data information – promising them the best return on their investment possible. Market research includes real-time actionable data that can be used for market forecasting.

“The market research data that Particl provides is extremely granular, allowing you to view sales performance of products down to the SKU level,” said Reynolds.

The historical market performance data Particl offers can go back over two years, and it tracks more than 70,000 stores daily, updating 500 million SKUs in real-time while also tracking $60 billion in sales product volume.

With Particl, companies have the ability to monitor quarter-over-quarter marketwide trends to see how their analytics compare. Additionally, data can be used to analyze and search macro trends in the market, allowing companies to follow industry influxes and gain an accurate idea of highs and lows in their own sales.

Particl also provides clients with a retargeting tool, giving access to an audience that has shown buying intent.

“Maximizing the effects of our retargeting tool comes with great campaigns,” said Reynolds. “That's where our partners come in.”

The Particl team is constantly putting together webinars, blog posts, and marketing materials with their agency partners in order to show their clients just how much the technology can elevate their marketing strategy.

After struggling to create customized, hyper-targeted campaigns post IOS 14, an e-Commerce brand discovered Particl’s retargeting tool and found an answer to their prayers.

The results of the campaign included $107,117 generated revenue, $6.66 CPR, a 50% decrease in CPR compared to campaigns with the same amount of ad spend, and 13.85% ROAS, compared to their next top-performing channel at 9.63%.

As the e-Commerce space continues to grow, so do Particl’s goals.

“Particl's vision for the future is that our data becomes more and more actionable,” said Reynolds. “In the coming months, we will be releasing more tools that allow brands and partners to act on the invaluable data provided by Particl.”

If your company has an influential technology that you believe can transform a business’s marketing strategy, contact Fifth & Cor to discuss a potential partnership here!

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